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Google Adsense Account Optimization

SEO for Google Adsense websites

Many website owners have implemented Google Adsense on their pages, but not all of them are able to make 6 figures income. Why? Because they are doing it wrong. They don’t know how to make it work so they either give up or drive fake traffic and get their websites banned. Do not worry we offer a cost effective and lucrative solution. It is totally safe and your website is good to go to be your money making machine. We will also help increase the value of your website.
Did you know that Adsense websites are worth between $500.000 to $1000.000? That’s right. Your website can be one too. You should invest on ad optimization and applying a lucrative method to make it work. This way the value of your website will be increased and you make a handsome amount of passive income on monthly basis.

We offer Google Adsense account optimization for wordpress websites. This is a difficult and time-consuming job which takes several days to get the right results. I am sure there are a lot of methods and resources online, but you need a programmer’s eye who is expert in ad optimization to get it done for you.
One helps you generate more revenue via Google Adsense. You can see the increase in revenue within three weeks when the job is done. My clients have seen 400% to 700% increase in revenue after my ad optimization. I will not accept projects which I feel my method won’t work, so your money is invested on a safe campaign. Please send me your project first before buy my service.

How it works?

First step is to analyze your Google Adsense account and the business model of your website. Upon auditing and exploring the CTR, CPM and impression RPM, one will create the right ad placement, ad formats, styling and increase your CTR. I am not going to change the look and feel and user inteface of your website, I will optimize it for generating more money.Every change will take a few days on each page working and monotiring the pattern. Then I will create custom channels so that advertisers will be able to directly bid on the right slot in your website.

Google Adsense account optimization

One has been optimizing multilingual Google Adsense webpages in niches such as news, pres releases,content marketing websites, fashion and clothing, software design, software companies, affiliate forums, affiliate websites, online shops, health and fitness search engines, sunglasses, photography websites, art and antiques,travel and hotels.

Google Adsense Services

Protect Your Google AdSense Account From Fake Clicks

I will disable fake clicks on your ads

Google Adsense Protection Features

- Disable your Ads once a user clicks too usually on them
- User are illegal and blocked for additional clicks
- Manual unblocking of IP adresses attainable
- Works, even while not reloading of your website (jQuery)
- Works with each Theme
- E-Mail notification once a user is blocked
- Activating and disabling of all Ads with only 1 click
- Simple installation and setup - Periodic updates and enhancements.
- NEW: Block your own IP
- NEW Use custom name for your ad block classts.
- NEW Add iframe support for Google AdSense compatibility*

Google Adsense Traffic Generation

- Real Traffic from unique IP will be driven to your website.
- No bots or any harmful software.
- Sending genuine visitors up to 2000 daily
- Minimum Duration per view will be around 10-30 seconds
- Low Bounce Rate
- 100% ADSENSE safe
- Google algorithm friendly
- 100% traceable with google analytics

100% Safe
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