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Understanding the intricacies of how your audience interacts with your Google Ads, Facebook and Bing ads, knowing when and how to tweak your ads, and organizing your campaign in a way that will help you understand what should be changed can become a full time job if you don’t have the experience.

PPC Management is not as simple as Google Ads would have you believe. Running a successful, lucrative campaign that helps grow your business can quickly become a project that requires your full attention. Instead of spending your precious time managing one aspect of your marketing initiative, let me handle it for you.

Take advantage of my years of experience handling pay per click management and Google Ads campaigns for a multitude of clients ranging from very small niches to large markets that experience fierce competition. PPC advertising serves to help level the playing field and gives a business of any size a chance to compete with large corporations. If you have a limited advertising budget, pay per click advertising is the best place to start. You will see results in a short amount of time and enjoy a high rate of return on your investment. If you've tried managing your campaign yourself and are not seeing the results you want, contact me so I can turn your PPC campaign around. I am Google ads and Google anlytics certified so your PPC projects are in better hands.

Let me take the guesswork out of your Google Ads campaign. I will do the keyword research and discover what works best for your business. I will review your competition and learn what works for them. I will research your industry, learn your business, and study your products so I run the best Adwords campaign possible. It doesn't stop there. I will organize your campaign into easy to understand ad groups that will lend themselves to simple analysis. This makes tweaking your ads and keywords simple and allows me to locate poor performing ads and keywords with ease.

PPC Ad Management

One has been optimizing PPC ad management since 2008 in various niches such as: multilingual E-commerce stores in fashion and clothing,car dealerships, psychic readings, cruises, software design, software companies, online shops, health and fitness, sunglasses, photography websites, art and antiques, travel and hotels.

PPC ad management per month £750

Your minimum Google Ad PPC budget must be £5000. I charge 12% for budgets over £5000 plus my management fee £750/month per one company or agency.

I require access to your landing page.
Ad management processes

- Ad optimization
- conversion tracking installation on the landing page
- Landing page optimization
- Competitor analysis
- Google Analytics Set-Up
- Conversion analysis and optimization
- Mobile Ad optimization
- Mobile banner design and set-up
- Banner and graphic design for ads and set-up
- Monthly report

I have been managing projects for small and medium sized businesses in the UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Canada and U.S. in regards to SEO, Pay Per Click, ( Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo along with social media ads such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, multilingual content writing and programming projects. I have managed and supervised PPC projects related to health, clothing, travel and digital marketing. I handled PPC projects for small size and major player companies. I have ability to increase conversion rate and sales.

My PPC experience and Strategies:

I have 11 years experience in PPC ad management. Every project is handled differently.

Example of strategies that caused generating traffic and sales for my earlier clients:

• Using Negative Keywords. Increasing Bids.
• Using Trademark or Registered Symbols in Headlines.
• Adding Sitelink Extension.
• Adding A Strong Call-to-Action.
• Putting Client's Main Keyword in the Display URL.
• Writing Compelling Ad Copy in several languages especially in multilingual PPC campaigns.
• Choosing right keywords and correcting negative keywords
• Focusing on benefits and not on feature
• Adding Ad Extensions
• Adding call extensions to my ads ( sometimes client did not want call extension due to their budget constraint)
• Adding Location extension in order to get more click on my ads

Sometimes I added discount and free shipping. Although broad match type keywords have a wider reach that also involves irrelevant searches, thus declining CTR; however I did in some cases to collect many negative keywords in order to use more restrictive keyword match type.

I get customer match data via email list in order to build campaigns/ads to reach audience.

Some of My Automated Bidding Strategies are such as:

Targeting search page location in order to maximize clicks. Targeting cost- per acquisition (CPA), Enhancing cost per click, targeting ROAS ( Return on Ad Spend) and maximizing conversion. Bids are set automatically and are unique to each auction (the bid will be different for every auction).

For instance, automated bidding can’t take into account things like recent events, media coverage, weather, or flash sales, all of which can affect ad performance (e.g., increased brand recognition because your company name was mentioned in the news). This is where a manual approach to setting bids may be necessary. Automated bids are available for both Search and Display ads depending on the bid strategy you are using.

My Smart Bidding Strategies are such as:

Enhanced CPC, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, Requirements and recommendations

In automated bidding, one saves time by not having to manually set bid amounts for ad groups or individual keywords.

I have been working with different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in various client’s campaigns. Because the best metrics may vary from campaign to another.

For starters I get high impressions for customers to see my client’s product or service, Then I keep optimizing the page and ad copy so that after someone sees the ad, they have an opportunity to click on it. Every time they do, it counts as a click. And every time they don’t, it doesn’t count toward anything. When someone clicks on the ad, they go to a landing page that encourages them to take a specific action that’ll help them become a paying customer.

The people who follow through with that action contribute to my conversion rate, which is a measurement of how many people click on my ads and then become customers.

This KPI will also give me an idea about how good my ROI is. The better my conversion rate, the more money my client is making.

My increase ROI strategy in PPC campaigns:

• Optimizing The website and quality score
• Aligning Landing Pages to My Ads
• Match Keywords to Buyer's Journey.
• Reevaluate Targeted Ad Groups
• Smart Bidding In Order Not to Pay Much Per Click
• Choosing Mid-Range Keywords.
• Using Broad Match Modifiers.
A good CTR means that the target audience has found the ad campaings helpful.
My PPC Ad Analyzing is based on the following metrics:

• Click-through rate (CTR) Click-through rate is one of the easiest metrics to measure and one that a lot of advertisers place a great deal of importance on.
• Quality score and amount of Clicks.
• Conversion rate.
• Cost per conversion.
• Calculating my AdWords ROI.
• Call tracking.
• Dynamic revenue tracking.

My Remarketing Strategies:

• Targeting all my client’s website visitors and app users.
• Using bid strategies that optimize conversions.
• Targeting similar audiences.
• Using auto-targeting.
• Use dynamic remarketing.
• Re-engage visitors with abandoned shopping carts.
• Up-selling or cross-selling to existing customers.
• Showcasing different product categories.

Here is an earlier case in terms of used-car dealerships:

On the car dealerships site, I bade more for people who have joined the list within the last seven days. People who have visited the site within 30 days might still buy cars on the site, but I didn’t want to bid aggressively for those customers. To do this, I created a list of car page views with the membership duration set to seven days and targeted this list with a more aggressive bid. I also created a second list of car page viewers with a membership duration set to 30 days. To prevent reaching seven-day visitors with both lists, I then created a custom combination to target the 30-day membership list, excluded the seven-day list, and used a less aggressive bid.

My experience with Google Shopping and Shopping Merchant Feeds:

I optimize my client’s product feed for Google’s Shopping Algorithm by:

A) Organizing the feed content according to Google’s specifications
B) Optimizing product titles so they are search engine friendly
C) Using keywords in titles and descriptions
D) Leveraging product extensions and merchant promotions
E) Making sure images are high quality
F) Maximizing client’s product exposure for top converting search queries whilst decreasing exposure for unprofitable ones. I use strategy to ensure my client’s products stay competitive. I use priority settings and negative keywords to isolate and push aggressive bids and budget to high-value searches. My Google Shopping campaigns leverage priority settings and negative keywords will be isolated and allocated more aggressive bids and budget to certain high-value searches to get max impression share. Although one can’t target keywords directly, one can leverage negative keyword lists in an alternative campaign and then utilize the priority settings so that searches funnel into the right campaign.

100% Guaranteed increase in sales and ROI

Google ads Certifications  21 modules in 2020

Please see here my Google Adwords certificates