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Spiritual Poems

Maria Johnsen's Spiritual Poems


Each night on endless river falls the rain,
The northern land in autumn looks forlorn.
The wind blows down the withered leaves again!
All night long i just sit there and watch, but not in vain.
I lean alone on the tree
and breath with the wind so free.
The boundless forest sheds its leaves shower by shower,
the endless river rolls its waves hour after hour.
I sing the charming song and there's none but is charmed!
A blue fairy dance with her captivating eyes makes all disarmed.
Her eyebrows take the color of the verdant grass!
I feel no hunger, no thirst, no alas!
On the river i think of home
like a cloud in boundless sky I'd roam
I am not a woman but a ghost,
who belongs to the land of frost!
Me and blue fairy will come again
to tell you the story of love again.

God’s on vacation

The Northern sea appears to have a heart!
But in the land of streams demons with their jinx background came and gained the crown with their white gown!
In night so still I hear the angle of goodness crying!
Her sound seems chill.
I hear her voice saying:
"from now on I will be vanished with my little boat,
for the rest of my life on the sea I will float!"
Ages ago... in bright moonlight I used to see her dancing among the blue fairies who gave praises to the heroes of honesty!
Should I care for gaining the world's prizes? In a land that a real talented one sounds too good to be true and scary?!One with a talent without a contact person?!
Why can’t God be a contact person? Where is Jesus?!
Can’t He see that they’re playing hide and seek under the garment of hypocrisy?!
I want to cry…
Can I trust the patience of time?
Is God on vacation?!


Where are the traces of my gone days?
Oh , who could understand!
why should a weary traveller here stand?!
Along the shady way
from year to year, from day to day
How many branches have been broken
to keep memories awoken?!
I feel like, i lost in the past!
Now like a dream,
my tears fall silently in stream.
Could swallows find my native land?!
Could i forget these mountains and these streams in this land?
But i cannot go back in the past except in dreams!
I know that dreams believed can never be,
but ...recently,

the dreams do not more come to me !!!!

No blues on Tuesday ...

The thoughtless flowers fly at ease as high as dreams.
Many threads of boundless thoughts that
I've been keeping inside,
may finally come out like tearful overflowed
in this very day.

Leaning alone against the tree of hope
thinking of far away frontiers where i can tell
my ideas and sharing them with those who may give me advice.
And I become all listening like a silent bride waiting for
the glorious coming of a loving groom.

The beauty gazes at the flower i admire,
like winning the monarch's smiling gaze from hour to hour.
We remain cheerful and gay
cause there is no blues on Tuesday.

Spiritual peoms by Maria Johnsen

Drop by drop

I raise and dance with my shadow play
the loneliness is no far and happiness
a thousand miles away!
Could the faith be forgotten?!
My years have passed in dreams
like flowers on the streams
the waves would no more sing a song
for whom should the cold moon floating among?!
I could not express my deep distress!
watch after watch
and drop by drop
the rain falls on orange leaves without a stop!
The rain cares not what i dislike, it seems
I cannot seek for dreams
but my hope is there dancing
with a blue fairy in the land of streams.



Growing old ...

I am growing old from day by day,
still happiness is far away!
How can i bear the blooming tree
break into love heart breaking?!
Only ...
the familiar mirror
of the old fjord
knows the old silent of my tears.

Tomorrow is another day.....

I lean alone on the balcony in light, light breeze,
as far as the eye sees,
my homesick heart lost in thoughts deep,
only sweet dreams each night can retain me in sleep.

Silently i climb the western mountain alone
but see the hook like moon hanging there alone!

From sorrow and regret our life cannot be free.
i went to my lost land in dreams
awake, i find tears flow in streams.

Drunken, I'll laugh my fill,
having no time to be grieved,
drunken beneath a pine tree,
i asked if it liked me so drunk?

I listen to the frogs croak in the neighborhood
where all at once i turn my head
i find the blue fairy there with a lantern light is dimly shed .

"Stars can be seen in broad day light ,
the deeper you see in the south shines bright !" she says.
"My heart is broken on my way to the graveyard !" i say.
"I know death is a sorrow no one can ignore.
but poor friends like us have more to deplore !" she says.

We go higher up to the mountain and
follow the music led to find the player;
we heard the pipe stop and no music in the air!
But a bird says " life is like a passing dream
I drink to you who saw them on the stream !"
The fickle wind still blows,
the night so silent grows.

Tomorrow fallen blooms on the way will be clean .
So not to worry, be glad cause tomorrow
is another day when you 'll be seen.