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Maria Johnsen's World Event Poems

This land of streams....

This land of streams,
still as in dreams
how could i send a sprig to him
who's far away when snow at night begins to weigh
the branches down?!
I always remember the place
where we stood hand in hand
and face to face.
Only the wind, the northern star and
fjords were our love witnesses.
Can we see them again
in this land of streams?

A lost land ...

I cannot bear to climb high
and look far far gaze
where my native land is lost in mist so thick!
Would make my lonely heart homesick?
I sigh over my roving year by year
Why should I hopelessly linger here?
Must gaze with longing eye with
sorrow frozen on my face waiting
for the years of light and love.

Lonely village

A belt of clouds girds mountain high
and wandering bald of straws carry a
story of the lonely village,
hover above the trees and fields,
recite how it burned up under the invasion of greed!
The painted horn at the watchtower blows
before my boat sails up.
Let's drink a farewell cup, while
beyond the sitting sun behind the mountain
the wind howl wildly , and the wolf yelps a blue song,
and listen the sad howling of the lonely village
out of the water flow.

You 're not alone.

I look for what i miss
I know not what it is
I feel so sad ,so drear,
so lonely, without cheer.
How hard it is
to keep the Big apple fit in this golden land!
In this lingering cold
hardly warmed up my spirit and i can't longer hold on!
By cup on cup,
of wine so dry i can't see and not to cry.
Oh, how could I
endure at dusk the drift
of wind so swift?
It breaks my heart ;alas
to see the wild geese pass!

The morning mist and
surging clouds spread
to the sky, bringing
the sorrow of those
martyrs who perished
by the evil iron bird with its pilot who holds a demon inside!
But ,
beside the broken bridge of sadness ...
a flower is blooming forlorn
telling you that you are not alone!
Her fragrance is still the same .
So ,come and take my hand.
Don't stop ,but carry the boat
to the three isles land of hope
faith and victory
Because ...
you 're not alone!
( In memory of 9/11 )

Drop by Drop

I raise and dance with my shadow play
the loneliness is no far and happiness
a thousand miles away!
Could the faith be forgotten ?!
My years have passed in dreams
like flowers on the streams.
The waves would no more sing a song
for whom should the cold moon floating among?
I could not express my deep distress
watch after watch
and drop by drop
the rain falls on orange leaves without a stop
the rain cares not what i dislike, it seems
I cannot seek for dreams
but my hope is there dancing
with a blue fairy in the land of streams

Still on fire ...

Having braved many dangers makes my hair turn gray,
Now i survived in this very day.
Alone, a lonely stranger in a foreign land,
leaning alone on a solid rock with an empty hand.
Seeing those eyes without care,
gives me headaches,
but my heart is still on fire.

I can see the mountain 's peaks like traces of a blue fairy.
At the risk of my life i feel a joy without being weary.

Our life will pass like a river running day and night
Our thoughts can in a twinkling go faraway beyond the stars.

I look back and see the woods and cloud mingled
and wild geese circling the mountain proud.

When i see them that are rejected by people without a thought
I wish that i were born with an unfeeling and senseless heart.

But the wind whispers in my ear and says

" If your mind from earthly things is detached and freed,
although nature may change, at ease you and your name will be remained."

Man of Men

Be man of men while you're alive
Be soul of souls in this world wide

No dust is raised on pathways wet with morning rain
I would ask you to drink a cup of wine again

How much have you done, sage of sages
All for the good for all the ages?

How much more do i need to say?!
Be man and stand against the wrong way