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Courses and Training Programs

Looking for courses and training programs? Are you in search of online and offline courses and training  that can pave the way for your ambitions? In a world where aspirations reside in every soul, the quest for opportunities is ceaseless. However, it’s the pursuit of academic excellence within distinguished institutions that truly sharpens our ears to the knocks of these opportunities. Education, beyond its fundamental role, instills within us the impetus for progress, the vision to explore, the curiosity to delve deeper, and the creative spark to transform possibilities into remarkable achievements. In our contemporary landscape, where technology reigns supreme across various domains, the intersection of research and technological application within the educational sector has assumed unprecedented significance.

Courses and Training Charactristics: 

The current time is characterized by an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge, driven by an innate desire to better ourselves and contribute meaningfully to society. The avenues that open up in the wake of technological advancement are vast and varied, and their true potential is realized through education that transcends boundaries and conventional thinking. This is where the allure of Maria Johnsen’s courses and training offerings comes into play, promising a transformative educational journey that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures the skills necessary to seize emerging opportunities.

My courses and training programs are designed to provide you with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. With a 1% keyword density, we ensure that you receive the most relevant information in each course. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and advance your career.

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Courses and Training with Maria Johnsen

contactMaria Johnsen, a prominent figure renowned for her expertise and insights, has curated a range of courses and training programs that reflect the dynamism of the modern educational landscape. These offerings are emblematic of her commitment to bridging the gap between traditional education and contemporary demands. In a world where the traditional and the digital are rapidly converging, Maria Johnsen’s courses stand as beacons of holistic learning that acknowledge the importance of fusing time-honored principles with cutting-edge advancements.

In this era of rapid technological evolution, the educational sphere has undergone a metamorphosis of its own. The assimilation of technology into teaching and learning methodologies has revolutionized the way knowledge is disseminated and absorbed. It is no longer sufficient to merely possess information; what truly matters is the ability to discern, analyze, and innovate. Maria Johnsen’s courses recognize this paradigm shift and are designed to empower learners with not just information but with the analytical tools and critical thinking abilities that define success in today’s landscape.

Furthermore, the realm of education is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Geographical boundaries are transcended, and the virtual realm becomes a platform for global engagement and collaboration.

courses and training

Courses and Training 

The size of my  classes are between 40 to 170 students.

One offers training related to the following courses:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Multilingual Digital Marketing
  • Market leadership
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding strategies
  • Google Ads Pay Per Click
  • Facebook PPC and Display ads
  • Video advertising
  • Online Marketing
  • Management
  • Startup business 

My courses and training are for sales people, SEO consultants who wish to upgrade their knowledge in SEO, media companies, digital marketing companies, search engine companies and ecommerce owners. I also teach the above courses to startup companies, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and CEOs.


The hourly fee is £120. For bigger classes and training programs I charge per person. If the material used in the training are expensive to produce or licence, I charge £200 per person.  I provide training materials.

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Technology and Marketing Courses for Children 

Maria Johansen’s dedication to teaching technology and marketing to children is paving the way for a future generation of tech-savvy, creative, and entrepreneurial individuals. Her innovative curriculum and passion for education are empowering young minds to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world. Maria’s work is a testament to the positive impact of blending education with technology and marketing, ensuring that our children are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs: Maria also encourages her students to explore entrepreneurship. By introducing them to the world of marketing, she helps them understand the value of branding and promotion. Many of her former students have gone on to launch their own small businesses, thanks to the knowledge and skills they acquired in her classes.

Courses and Training for Children

I cover the following courses:


Artificial Intelligence




Content Writing

Content Marketing

Traditional Media

Foreign languages 

Teaching Tech and Marketing to Children

Contact Maria Johnsen 

My teaching background encompasses both undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Accelerated learning is contingent upon the preparedness of students both physically and mentally, and the presence of adept teaching tools and techniques for facilitating swift-paced education.

While numerous methodologies and resources are accessible both online and offline to expedite the learning process, the universal applicability of these methods across diverse cultures remains challenging. Drawing from my personal education and experiences, I am convinced that irrespective of factors like age, gender, geographic location, and cultural disparities, rapid and effective learning is within our reach, thereby ushering in a new era of accelerated education.

The human capacity for learning is remarkable. I have traversed this realm extensively throughout my academic journey. From the early stages of my university education, I harbored a fervent enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge spanning languages, media, literature, and computer science. Notably, I achieved fluency in the Chinese language within three months at the Jilin Institute of Technology in Northeast China. Furthermore, I shared my linguistic prowess by instructing postgraduate students at Changchun University in English, Russian, and French. With a cohort of 70 graduate students, an impressive 75% of them secured scholarships from the Chinese government, enabling them to pursue their PhD programs in North America. At just 20 years old, despite being younger than my students, my teaching resonated profoundly with Chinese authorities, leading to an expanded role instructing 170 students aged 5 to 14. The triumph of my pedagogy and linguistic acumen culminated in an extraordinary offer of Chinese nationality and Communist Party membership by the Chinese government—an unprecedented honor due to both demographic constraints and security considerations. Although tempted, I declined this offer due to my parents’ wishes. Yet, the emotional bond with my students persisted as I bid them a silent farewell.

Upon returning to my native Norway, I undertook substitute teaching assignments in primary and high schools. Additionally, I imparted Russian language skills at Folk University to Norwegian government officials and investors seeking communication proficiency with Russian counterparts in the agricultural sector. In a remarkably short span of six months, students aged 27 to 60 mastered speaking, reading, and writing in Russian. Simultaneously pursuing my own college education, I assumed a part-time role assisting in Java programming and system development instruction. My efforts extended to facilitating the assimilation of Norwegian culture and language for 30 Chinese exchange students. This enriching teaching journey allowed me to craft and deliver captivating lessons to a diverse audience, cementing my ability to expedite knowledge acquisition—an approach that evolved into my distinctive fast learning methodology.

In the 1970s, Michael Kaplan’s research on rat brain neuroscience revealed the existence of neural stem cells capable of generating new brain cells throughout an individual’s lifespan, challenging the conventional belief that mature brain cells were non-replicative.

My postgraduate studies deepened my expertise in designing and executing robust curricula and training programs, catering to the needs of a diverse spectrum of students and staff within dynamic organizations. I’ve garnered substantial experience in the IT sector, having worked as an IT Consultant and System Developer for various entities. These professional roles have enabled me to envision technologically enhanced instructional designs for faculty and staff in university settings. My contributions extended to aiding faculty in crafting course materials for both traditional and online instruction, as well as conducting training on cutting-edge academic software and technology. Furthermore, I have honed my skills in digital marketing and media, crafting strategic communication plans to elucidate the business objectives and strategic vision of diverse client firms.

In essence, my journey encompasses a profound commitment to fostering accelerated learning, underscored by experiences that showcase the human potential for rapid knowledge absorption, adaptation to cultural nuances, and the relentless pursuit of intellectual growth.