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Looking for courses and training? Is there a soul that does not harbor an ambition? Opportunities come knocking, but academic excellence achieved at a premier institution alone enables one to hear its knock. Education provides the drive, vision, curiosity and the inventive genius to follow an opportunity to its logical end and achieve great success. With technology at the forefront in every sphere of life, research and advancement in application of technology in education sector has become far more valuable.

Multilingual Digital Marketing

Accelerated learning can only take place if students are physically and mentally ready to learn and teachers have the proper teaching tools and techniques for this fast paced learning.

Although there are many methods and materials online and offline related to fast learning processes, one cannot apply these methods easily across different cultures. Based on my education and experience, I believe despite age, gender, geographical location and cultural differences, we can learn anything we want as quickly as possible. This opens new doors for accelerated learning.

Human has a great learning capability. Here is how I explored during my life and education. Since early in my university education I have been enthusiastic about learning and gaining knowledge in areas such as languages, media, literature and computer science. I learned Chinese Language in three months at Jilin Institute of technology in North East, China. I have also taught English, Russian and French to postgraduate students at Changchun University. I had 70 graduate students and 75% of them received scholarships from the Chinese government in order to pursue their PhD program in USA and Canada. I was only 20 years old and the university’s rector advised me not to tell them my age because they were older than me. My teaching had impressed the Chinese authorities. As a result, I received an advanced assignment to teach 170 students, between the ages of 5-14 years. Due to the success of my work and my language ability, I was offered Chinese nationality by the Chinese government and a member of communist party. This was very rare, China seldom offers nationality to foreigners not just because of overpopulation but security reasons. My parents did not allow me to accept another nationality and wanted me to come back home. It was difficult to leave my students and I could not tell them I would not see them again.

Upon my arrival back home to Norway, I received substitute teaching assignments at a primary school and high school. I have also taught Russian at Folk University in north-central Norway to government leaders and investors who wished to communicate with Russian authorities in the agricultural sector. Within 6 months my students, ages between 27-60 years, were able to speak, read and write in Russian. Since I was a college student at the same time, I received a part-time job as an assistant teaching Java and system development. In addition, I helped 30 Chinese exchange students to understand Norwegian culture and learn our language. This wonderful teaching experience is where I led the creation and delivery of engaging lessons to students, faculty members, and audiences of diverse educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. I discovered how to help people learn anything as quickly as possible. This is how I developed a new method in fast learning.

During the 1970s, Michael Kaplan discovered after years of research into the neuroscience of rats’ brains that the rats were actually growing new brain cells. He found out that it’s not the mature brain cells replicating. Instead, it’s the neural stem cells in your brain that turn into new brain cells. These special type of cells remain in your brain your entire life, meaning you are technically capable of forming new brain cells throughout your entire life.

During and after my graduate studies I learned planning and implementing robust curriculum and training programs to develop the knowledge and professional expertise of a diverse group of students and staff members across dynamic organizations. I have had sufficient IT experience in my career. I have worked for different organizations as IT Consultant and System Developer. These professional development jobs have helped me visualize a better technology friendly instructional design for faculty and staff in a university college, assist faculty in the development of course material for delivery in traditional and online classes, develop and conduct training on new academic software and technology.  I also have gained valuable experience in digital marketing and media. I worked developing strategic communication plans for businesses to educate visitors on the business objectives and strategic vision of client firms across disparate industries.

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The size of my  classes are between 40 to 170 students.

One offers training related to the following courses:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Multilingual Digital Marketing
  • Market leadership
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding strategies
  • Google Adwords Pay Per Click
  • Facebook PPC and Display ads
  • Video advertising
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet
  • Management
  • CEO training
  • Multilingual Content Writing

My courses are for sales people, SEO consultants who wish to upgrade their knowledge in SEO, media companies, digital marketing companies, search engine companies and ecommerce owners. I also teach the above courses to startup companies, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and CEOs.


The hourly fee is £120. For bigger classes and training programs I charge per person. If the material used in the training are expensive to produce or licence, I charge £200 per person.  I provide training materials.

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