Digital Marketing in 2018

It does appear that digital marketing in 2018 will mostly follow the trends and patterns that have been growing over the past few years. This means that SEO in 2018 will still be evolving as search engines continue to expand and account for social media, video marketing, and the like.

What follows is an SEO prediction along with digital marketing possibilities that will help to dominate 2018 and make it a continuation in the gradual change in emphasis for small and large online companies. The first prediction is an easy one, a greater emphasis by online businesses when it comes to inbound and outbound marketing techniques. The differences however, will be in the tactics they use to get more customers.

Greater Emphasis on Content Marketing Thanks to AI

You will see a greater emphasis on this form of marketing, including paid social media advertising and video marketing in general. Google, Baidu, and Yandex have emphasized Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their search systems, so it will help improve exposure for content-driven marketing efforts. It is the emphasis on AI that will provide better exposure to content-oriented marketing efforts. It will also mean fewer paid links will be purchased.

Since content is relatively inexpensive and can be produced in considerable quantities, expect to see far more of this marketing effort for 2018.

Long Tail Key Phrases Rise

The emphasis on single keyword rankings will become less effective in 2018. This is due to in part to the emphasis on content marketing. However, you will see the rise of tail key phrases as they become a bigger trend. The reasoning is simple, tail key phrases offer greater precision in targeting desirable web traffic and effective incorporation into content helps keep the readers on the site. While SEO in 2018 will still be in the transitional phase, expect to see more tail key phrases next year.

Influencer Marketing with Grow

Creating greater brand awareness has been a trend for the past few years, but with more emphasis on creating trust you should expect to see more influencer marketing tactics. It will be the companies that manage to create a more positive view and awareness of their businesses that will succeed over the coming year. Many businesses will use artificial intelligence tools in order to increase the productivity of their campaigns.

Decline in Negative SEO

One of the banes of marketing is the use of negative SEO used by marketers to bring down other sites instead of emphasizing their own businesses. The major search engine companies, including Google, have managed to change their algorithms to lessen the effects of this form of attack. However, our SEO prediction for 2018 is that more modifications will be made that will make it far less effective.

Mobile Marketing

Another digital marketing prediction is that mobile marketing will be emphasized even more thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Plus, with the concern over the safety of valuable information, there will be an increase in security measures so that hackers will have greater difficulties accessing materials. That’s why digital marketing in 2018 will mostly be a continuation of trends seen today.

Social Media Marketing

Many social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have implemented A.I to weed out online terrorism. These sites will create better user interface which increases usability of these sites. Currently 10% of companies and marketers use A.I tools. This amount will be increased thanks to A.I influencers promotional campaigns on artificial intelligence in social media. Many companies use better A.I tools and social media analytics.

The year 2018 will be year of intelligent programs thanks to deep learning, deep mind and machine learning. Companies will delve into A.I services which help companies increase their ROI and bottom line.