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The Spirit World

The spirit world

The Spirit World

The Spirit World is of a multi-layered structure. It is divided into many different levels (dimensions) according to the state of mind of the spirits who live there.

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration

Vibration is more than your moment-to-moment happiness or unhappiness.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.

The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony

Maintaining harmony in your life is a dynamic, ongoing process.



Spiritual healing can reduce pain and suffering, lessen or eliminate symptoms, and promote quicker recovery.

Secrets About Fairies

When I was a little girl, I have always thought about fairies. Who are they? Do they exist? Fairies or fae folk are spirits. You may have heard or read about them in books. Some people believe that they were dead people who stayed on earth and became fairies. Some other people describe them as: household spirits or ghosts. In certain countries fairies are known as intelligent species distinct from humans and angles. In alchemy they were regarded as elementals such as gnomes and sylphs or spirits of the air. Another belief is that they were demoted angels.

Secrets About Fairies

When God ordered that gates of heaven shut, those who still were in heaven remained angels, demons in hell and those who were somewhere between became fairies.

In western Asian countries people believe that fairies are devils while in Eastern part of Asia they consider fairies as angles. In ancient times fairies were regarded as Goddesses and Gods.In many legends fairies are told to be dangerous as they kidnap human babies.

One of those fairytales talks about how Sir Orfeo's wife was kidnapped by the King of Faerie and only by trickery and excellent harping ability was he able to win her back! William Shakespeares Midsummer's Night Dream tells us a story about the realm of fairyland. Some artists consider fairies as the symbol of goodness, kindness and beauty.

Secrets About Fairies

How to meet a fairy?

by Francesca Dubie, copyright 1994.

Don't take this lightly. The Fey Folk are wild, and their integrity so strong and unusual that you must be careful with them. However, if you approach one correctly, he\she can be an honorable, powerful and delightful friend and ally.

If you find you cannot handle the power of this rite, courteously end the visit. If an evil entity arrives by accident, end the visit, either with courtesy or rudeness, whichever is safest and most effective.

Do each numbered step before going onto the next.

1. Focus on the darkness of the mind's eye, the darkness that's automatically there when your eyes are closed.

2. See that darkness filled with a glowing green, a Faerie green, a magic glow.

3. Feel that magic, green, Fey glow start swirling around you, bathing you in its beauty, bathing you in its magic.

4. Enjoy drinking in that magic for a minute.

5. Let that Fey power feed you, cleanse you, and give you things you need. Let it work its magic on you.

6. Into that green mist, call out for a Faerie friend. Don't demand a visit, for we do not control the Fey Folk. Invite with warmth, courtesy, good will and good cheer.

7. Greet and welcome your visitor with dignity and courtesy. Ask his\her name and his\her need of you. If no name is given you, usually you should end the visit. When you meet someone on the physical plane who will not tell you their name, there is usually something awry, right?

8. Never lightly make an agreement with a Faerie. They take commitments seriously. And are tricksters, who often have an unusual view as to what life should be like. You may not want the same goals as they.

9. Visit. Then do the following steps. If you fall asleep, your visit might be happening on an unconscious level so you wouls still need the following steps upon awakening.

10. If you would like, ask your visitor for something you need.

11. Make thanks for the visit, and for any help you were given. At this point it may be appropriate to give or promise a gift, EG a bit of food and drink left out at night.

12. Perhaps this spirit will become your friend for a while or even a lifetime. You can use this ritual to visit with him\her again. But for now say "Farewell."

13. After doing something like this ritual, one might be in an altered state without realizing it. If you then do something like drive, walk at night along a city street, or cook, you could possibly go through a red light, get mugged, or burn yourself, all because you were off in another world! So, after you finish step 12, do the following two steps:

A. Spend some time consciously focusing on the embodied, mundane plane by making your mind concentrate on physical things.

B. T hen continue this focusing by looking both ways carefully when crossing streets or paying special, conscientious attention to kitchen safety or whatever focus is appropriate to the activity in which you become involved. Use these two steps until you are well focused onto the embodied plane. You may feel very sharp and alert, so think there is no need for step 13. Please do it anyway. For one thing, alert as you are, you might be alert only to the SPIRIT plane! Take the time to become alert to the physical realm. If you're feeling really spacy or "out there" add body stretches or do some other very physical but safe activity that will focus you onto your own body.

There are many well known ways to see Faery Folk. One is simply to gaze through the opening of a holey stone or self-bored stone. These are usually found near running water or by the sea. They are often seen within a natural ring of mushrooms at sunset or full moonlight. When seeking nature spirits never wear iron or whistle in the woods.


There are many trees which are sacred to the Faery. The elder is said to offer protection for the Faeries from evil night spirits, and it will work for mortals as well. Try looking in oak groves for "Faery Folks are in old oaks". Acorns can be made into Faery talismans when found by the light of the full moon. The adler is also connected to the Faery, as Robert Graves states in "The White Goddess": "The Adler was, and is, celebrated for yielding fine dyes: green from the flowers and brown from the twigs and red from the berries: typifying fire, water and earth. One reason for the adlers sanctity is that when it is felled the wood, at first white, seems to bleed crimson as though it were a man. (or dryad or Faery tree spirit!) The green dye is associated in British folklore with the fairies clothes; so in so far as the fairies may be regarded as survivals of early tribes, forced to take to the hills and woods, the green of the clothes is explained as protective coloring; foresters and outlaws also adopted it in mediaval times. Its use seems to be very ancient."


The scent of roses is a powerful attracting force to the Faery. Wear rose oil when seeking the Fae Folk. A rose water preparation can be made to bathe in before doing any rite of the Faery Tradition (WIcca). It is traditionally made by taking 21 measures of rose petals and steeping them in a copper kettle with a lid. They should be left to soak for the space of full moon to full moon. This rose water can be used to scent the body and hair and as "holy water" in works of Faery Magic.

Stones & Metals

When perfoming any type of Faery Magic be sure that all your ritual tools are made of copper, silver or woods that are sacred to Faery, especially oak. The appropriate gem stones to use are Faery stones (staurorite), quartz crystal, celestite (blue quartz), selenite, labradorite, amethyst, moonstone, and amber. Flint is good to guard against mischievous nature spirits. Magical implements should be carried in a rabbit fur pouch lined with red linen and engraved with the appropriate Faery Runes. In the words of Lewis Carroll,"What is the best time for seeing fairies? I believe I can answer that... The first rule is, that it must be a very hot day - that we may consider as settled; and you must be a little sleepy-but not too sleepy to keep your eyes open, mind. Well and you ought to feel a little - what one may call "fairyish" - the Scotch call it "ferie", and perhaps that a prettier word; if you don't know what it means, I'm afraid I can hardly explain it; you must wait till you see a Fairy, and then you'll know... And the last rule is, that the crickets should not be chirping. I can't stop to explain that; you must take it on trust for the present. So, if all these things happen together, you have a good chance of seeing a Fairy - or at least a much better chance than if they didn't..." If you should be so lucky as to see a Faery, remember, it is said by some that you can only see the Wee Ones when you gaze steadily upon them. If you hold a Faery in your eye i it is said by some that you can only see the Wee Ones when you gaze steadily upon them. If you hold a Faery in your eye it cannot escape.

This incantation can be done anytime during the summer, when the fireflies are out. Can be performed clothed but is best done skyclad. You must find a VERY quite and private place to do the incantation. Start with your arms out and walk in an open area that fireflies are in. Stop in the same position and call upon the great mother with the following chant:

Fireflies come dance with me
Fireflies come be with me
Oh Great Mother be with us tonight
With (your name) and the Fairy Folk
Fireflies show your true self
Do not fear me for I am (your name)
Your friend, Your Sister/Brother
Invite me into your world to dance
(Dance a joyous dance from your heart)
(Allow yourself to be free and at peace)
Continue Chant:

Fireflies, Fairy Folk, Oh Great Mother
Come dance with me, Be with me
Fairy Folk show your true self to me
I will protect you tonight as we dance
Dance the dance of the Fairy Folk
*repeat the above five lines, and dance the dance of the Fairy Folk until you feel and see that the Fairy Folk are with you...

Play with them as you like, when you are done do the following:

Begin Chant to End the Dance
Fairy Folk, Fire Flies, Oh Great Mother
Fairy Folk, I (your name) leave you now
Go back to hide from where you came
Be not sad, or cry or weep
For I (your name) will return
To dance the Dance of the Fairy Folk
Peace be with you. Blessed Be

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