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Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

Why should i buy animated video? These animated presentation intros supercharge your presentations and videos! Save massive amounts of time and money

If your videos are so great why you are asking such a small price?

I want everybody to afford buy from me. These videos cost between $250 to $3000 for TV version

What are the benefits of these videos?

Your product or service will be presented effectively and help you to generate sales. People pay more attention to video than text.

How should i write a script?

Your script should answer to the following questions:

- What problem does product-service solve?

- How quickly do you get results from the product?

- Who is your target audience?

- Is there something unique about your product or service? (specify)

How long is turnaround for each video?

It depends on your video's length and and complexity of creation.

I will customize these videos for your business.Normally it takes between 2 or 3 days. Sometimes i submit the video sooner than agreed.

Will you give discount for bulk orders?

Creating each video takes time, we can negotiate, please email me at here so we will discuss the discount for your bulk orders.

Will you create videos for my articles?


Will you write my script?

Yes, but i charge $20 for writing your script

In what languages do you create these videos?

In English, German, Norwegian,Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, French and Chinese. If you wish your video to be created in other languages please let me know.

Do you create video with TV quality?

Yes, but the pricing will be different for TV quality videos.

How can i write a 60 minutes script for training my employees?

You should write up the top level processes in two or three sentences. Then you may want to point out 2-3 sentences about the details and write about how each process works.