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Maria Johnsen's Multilingual SEO, PPC and Social Media Case Studies

We have worked with a wonderful variety of clients in different industries to help them promote their efforts more effectively online. We have promoted businesses in Europe, Asia ( China and South Korea) and North America. We are proud of every brand that we have assisted over the years. Each one of them has given us a chance to improve our skills and achieve new rankings for some of the most competitive terms in the industry. What follow are just a few of most prestigious clients that we have had the honor to work for and have enabled us to secure some of the most incredible rankings. Each of the following projects are a blend of old and new case studies from Norway, Italy, the UK, Denmark and the U.S.

The following are some examples of projects which are either ongoing or done in the past. The owner of these domains sent their inquires via Therefore we documented these case studies on here. In general more than 6000 small and big projects were outsourced to our company Golden Way Media such as: multilingual content writing,sofware promotion, various digital marketing projects, b2b sales, whitehat hacking, software design along with technical support of complex information systems.

Some of our clients went offline and now are running their shops and stores within sunglasses and clothing. They started their online store with us and because of increase in sales, they preferred to operate offline due to volume of work. Running an offline store is indeed a demanding job. Enjoy reading these case studies. Please note that we have accomplished hundreds of digital marketing projects since 2008. These are only a few case studies we presented on here, as time goes by our pattern of search engine optimizaiton strategies and tactics have also changed. Due to our clients' privacy, we do not want to reveal any data.

Maria Johnsen's case studies

Our goal was to increase their online visibility and improve sales in Norway, Denmark and getting the most competitive keywords and phrases on Google, Yahoo, and Bing in both Norwegian and Danish search engines.

case studies
A Danish clothing website

Overall Strategy: Effective link building, branding, improving social media, video optimization and distribution.

The Goal: Getting top ranking for each of the site’s keywords and phrases.

The Result: This project started in September 2010 and lasted a total of 3 months which included the possibility of renewing the contract.

We were able to get the website to achieve Nr. #1 position on both Norwegian and Danish search engines for the majority of keywords and phrases. As a result, the owner of the website signed a permanent contract with us for several websites in Norwegian, Danish and German languages. This project was finished in 2012 project:

case studies
A wedding venu site

Platform: Joomla


A Norwegian wedding venues website. There were some challenges in the beginning. Some of their competitors were also aiming at the same keywords. These sites were older and had more back links which pointed to their sites. Goal:

In 2009, we received this project, fixed on page and off page issues. Our goal was to overcome all of challenges which the owner's competitors created for her. We were able to gain top ranking for the most competitive keyword in Norway.


A full analysis of the website, domain, server load and speed along with many other pertinent factors. A complete search engine optimization campaign starting with on page optimization to link building, content writing and social media marketing.


- Branding

- Link Building Campaign

- Dedicated Link Wheel SEO

- On Page Optimization

- Social Media Optimization

The deadline for this project was three months and everything was achieved within the given time frame. The client received results along with the documentations for verification.

The owner of the website was very nice and quite curious about the effects of SEO. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and great feedback had me going the extra mile for this project. We very much enjoyed working with her and achieving the goals for this website. This project was finished in 2010

case studies


This professional photography website required a number of improvements, including design, branding along with increasing the online visibility through link building. The goal was to increase overall sales by creating a bigger customers base. After marketing my client received major assignments from the following

- BBC in the United Kingdom

- VG, a prominent Norwegian Newspaper

- Local Norwegian Newspapers, Journals and other publications

The ultimate goal was to optimize 150 pages, including adding prominent keywords, increasing overall visibility in the marketplace and create a better template to support improved business branding.

Tilphoto got increase in their overall sales and more photo assignments from Hollywood, British and Norwegian rock stars, as well as having celebrities from other countries, especially during the Eurovision.

Project Expedia: Travel niche

case studies
Travel website


To obtain more back links and content marketing in Norwegian. This particular website needed many one-way back links from PR websites to increase overall visibility. Result

This website received a number of new one-way back links from highly rated PR websites. As a result, the website also increased their brand awareness and recognition. This particular project was outsourced to us. The team the client had assembled were quite knowledgeable in SEO and very cooperative. We enjoyed immensely working with them on this project. project

case studies

project: SEO

The Company: Over the past several decades, American manufacturing companies have let their jobs slip away to European and Asian competitors. In fact, over the past decade almost 50,000 American manufacturing businesses closed down, thousands of which were investment casting companies that were part of the foundation to the American economy. As the Dot Com meltdown hit in the early part of the 21st century, one of the biggest recessions landed in the laps of US businesses. Over this time, many other countries that didn't have the same job or labor manufacturing requirements received millions of jobs that would have otherwise stayed in America. At the time, the big attraction for buying overseas castings was cost. The lower cost of manufacturing overseas pulled these jobs from American shores and even undercut the “Buy American” slogans that were pervasive in the country at the time.

Shelmet provides, with notable resources, to assist in solving casting design and manufacturing problems. They specialize in assisting with the selection of the right materials, manufacturing and quality specifications. Also, they help with process development and the proper performance criteria that is needed to achieve the goal.

The Goal: Branding and obtaining the website eon top for their keywords and phrases.

The Strategy: SEO link building, better branding on social media, video creation and distribution The Result: The website received a top 3 ranking for their keywords and phrases. The client was simply incredible to work with as he kept open the communication lines.

Sunglasses fashion project from Italy

case studies

Fashion website

The Goal: Better brand awareness, video promotion and SEO link building

The Result: The client enjoyed a significant increase in ranking and brand exposure for their sunglasses in both local and global search engines.

Through online sales, she opened a sunglass store in Italy. This project was finished in 2013. The owner contacted me and told me because of the success of her online buisness, she has opened a store in Italy and would focus on her store instead of her online business.

Here is a project I got from a Norwegian company in health sector in 2015

Several SEO companies worked on this company's website. They not only outranked their main keywords through unethical seo strategies, but also the website lost its ranking. I got this project in April 2015. The owner asked me to rank his website for two highly competitive key phrases in Google. The following image shows the progress before and two months after receiving the project. Those keywords were nowhere to be found. First i performed a SEO audit and recovered the sandboxed keywords and then started on SEO and social media campaigns. The following image is taken from my client's Google webmaster's tool.

case studies

SEO and Social Media Campaign for a finance wesbite in 2015

case studies

We finished a huge SEO project in June 2015. The client gave us 40 keywords and phrases and wished to rank all of them in Google search engine page 1. The website was nowhere to be found within their niche in finance when we received the project in 2014. Their traffic was barely up to 500 a month and the website suffered from a bad and spammy link profile.

Google Sandbox and Penalty recovery

The website's keywords and phrases was penalized. Some were penalized on domain level and some were penalized on keyword level.First we located the penalized keywords and links, then we run a Google recovery campaign. We harvested all spammy links which were around 100.000. Then we added them to client's Google webmasters tool account at Google disavow tool section. We kept some good links with N/A PR which were within our client's niche.

SEO audit

After adding the list of spammy links to Google disavow on client's Google webmasters tool, we started SEO audit for 130 pages. We wrote quality and fresh content around 350-400 words on every page and fixed technical issues such as page load, page speed, programming issues, on page issues, xml issues, css issues, image issues etc. This alone took two weeks, 8 hours work a day. The audit is done and website is ready for SEO.

High PR link building

After disavowing and seo audit, we immediately started on link building SEO. We build gradually back links from PR 1 to PR 9 and pointed to the main page and all other pages under the same domain.

Social media management and marketing

We created social media channels for our client and generated targeted traffic, fans and sales. We run social media marketing simultaneously with link building.

Video ranking and marketing

We created videos and promoted on video channels on monthly basis. This alone generated some great sales for our client.


case studies

After one year daily work, we got their 40 keywords and phrases in Google's first page between positions #1, the majority of key phrases in #2 and two in positions #8 ( the last two were the ones which was given 5 months after signing up the contract).Their traffic is now 12k a month and they have signed two huge contracts with a major player enterprise in Los Angels and have been receiving regular customers on daily bases since we have started their social media campaign. All these are done by our daily social media marketing, social media management campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO). The client signed with us two more contracts for his two other stock market websites.

SEO software

This project was outsourced to us by a British Media company in 2014 and was done in February 2015. We got 8 keywords which were not in top 100 for a newly SEO software development project. We were able to successfully get top position in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

case studies

SEO for American Apparel E-Commerce

We have started this apparel eCommerce project in April 2014. We have been working on 20 keywords and key phrases. The client has purchased full SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing packages. We have been targeting East coast of united states when it comes to PPC on facebook, Google, and Bing. As for SEO, we ranked the given keywords and phrases in, and The table below illustrates SEO link building for the website.

case studies

A Social Media Success Story

I noticed Jason's unemployment issue and decided to help him get a good job. So we launched a Twitter campaign for this newly college graduated Jason Aguiar, 23 years old, from Toronto Canada in March 2015. Jason dreamed of getting a paying job. Our campaign for Jason went viral both on Twitter and Facebook's feed. After two months social media campaign, in May 2015 he got a great job at a digital marketing agency in Toronto. This is what he wrote me after getting a permanent employment:

Hire Jason twitter Campaign

Hire Jason twitter Campaign

Jason Aguiar for #HireJason campaign

Clients links are removed due to their data privacy and confidentiality purposes.