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Take advantage of search engine optimization and promotional packages. One has a strong track record of delivering new ways to get the best results your wish for. For organic SEO and pay per click( PPC ) please brief us on your project.

One provides SEO consulting services, including SEO Audit, SEO Training, Google Webmasters tool, Google Analytic, multilingual SEO for eCommerce and SEO PPC Management. One also offers business consulting, multilingual social media management in English, French, Russian,German,Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish ( Suomi) for your businesses in various niches such as: Real Estate, travel, health, rental cars, clothing, news, media, tech related products and services.

We manage large-scale projects in Scandinavia, Germany, France and North America.

Please be advised that we do not do consultations for businesses associated with adult content products, gambling sites, or any other markets that we are personally uncomfortable with. Your company's information is safe with us. Please read privacy policy

Norwegian companies should visit this page seo priser If they wish to know about seo pricing
If you run a company in North America or other European or Asian countries, we will schedule a meeting on Skype or on the phone. We set up a one hour meeting.

Please note that our consultation fee is $120 per hour and Norwegian companies should pay 25% tax. Please keep in mind before scheduling a meeting with Maria Johnsen on Skype or in person.

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We treat unsolicited emails about "SEO services" the same way and reserve the same skepticism as we do for "burn fat at night" diet pills or requests to help transfer funds from deposed dictators. These requests and emails are not welcomed and will be ignored.

Our system deletes these emails. So we never see them. We have blocked email addresses from free domains. Companies should contact us through their company’s email addresses otherwise their emails will be trapped in junk section of our email server.