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About Maria Johnsen

Maria Johnsen: Multilingual Digitsl Marketing Expert, Author & Filmmaker

Maria Johnsen is a multilingual digital marketing expert ( SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing) film and TV investor, writer, director, producer and poet. Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, she was immersed in a multilingual environment from an early age. Maria’s academic pursuits spanned diverse disciplines, including Information Technology, Informatics, Beauty Arts and Culture, Computer Engineering, and Film Production. Her remarkable accomplishments have garnered recognition, notably the International Star Award for quality leadership, innovation, and excellence in 2019. Her impactful films, accessible on Amazon Prime and various platforms, have resonated with audiences across 175 countries. Complementing her filmmaking success, she has authored 11 commercially viable screenplays, showcasing her exceptional talent in the cinematic domain.

About Maria Johnsen

Maria Johnsen’s Linguistic Proficiency

Maria’s linguistic proficiency expanded as she learned French during her time at a boarding school in Paris. She later explored arts and culture at Sorbonne University and delved into political economy at Kharkov University in Ukraine. Continuing her global journey in Changchun, North East China, she quickly mastered Korean and Chinese. Her educational odyssey culminated in degrees in Information Technology, Informatics, Beauty Arts and Culture, Computer Engineering, and Film Production. Her achievements have been acknowledged through various awards, including The International Star Award in 2019. Her successful films, available on Amazon Prime and various platforms, have reached audiences in 175 countries.

Maria Johnsen: Inspiring Teacher and Visionary Educator

Demonstrating her rapid learning method and teaching prowess, Maria instructed English, French, and Russian to 170 undergraduate and postgraduate students in Changchun, China. Notably, 70% of her students excelled, earning scholarships from the Chinese government to pursue further studies in the US and Canada. Despite being offered Chinese citizenship, Maria declined. Upon returning to Norway, she continued her educational pursuits in computer engineering and artificial intelligence, simultaneously sharing her knowledge of Russian, English, and French with managers and bankers at the folk university in central Norway.

Maria’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Golden Way Media a multilingual digital marketing agency, a company dedicated to promoting businesses across Europe, the USA, Canada, India, and China.

Maria Johnsen: Prolific Author

As a published author with 60 books in English, GermanFrenchSpanish,  Japanese and Dutch, including educational materials for postgraduate studies, Maria’s influence extends globally.

Her non-fiction works include academic and educational materials utilized in post-graduate programs at prestigious universities across North America and Europe. Some of her notable titles include  “Search Engine Revolution ” “The Business of Filmmaking: Building a Business and Networking Strategies in the Movie Industry,” “The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: The Next Big Technological Break,” “Blockchain in Digital Marketing: A New Paradigm of Trust,” “Multilingual Digital Marketing: Managing for Excellence in Online Marketing,” and “Sales in The Age Of Intelligent Web.” Moreover, Maria’s literary prowess extends to the languages of German, French, Japanese and Dutch, enabling her to reach even wider audiences.

Maria Johnsen: Visionary Filmmaker Crafting Cinematic Success

Based in London, UK, she manages Golden Way Media Films, a production company, and Golden Way Media, a digital marketing firm in Norway. In 2016, Onalytica recognized her as the #6 digital marketing influencer worldwide and among the top 100 global influencers in artificial intelligence (A.I.) and Fintech. Additionally, she has penned 11 commercially viable screenplays, further showcasing her remarkable talent in the cinematic realm.

More About Maria Johnsen: Unyielding Determination Fuels Success

Maria Johnsen ‘s Awards and Recognition

In 2016 she was ranked #6 digital marketing influencer in the world by Onalytica company who runs Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution in the UK and U.S.A.

2017 – Ranked #1 among Top 100 SEO Influencers by Kcore

2017- Ranked #2 among world top 100 digital marketing influencers in 2017 by NodexL

2017- Ranked #2 deep learning influencers in 2017 by Betweenness Centrality aka NodeXL 

2017- Ranked #12 among top 50 agency strategy influencers 💼 by Onalytica 

2017- Ranked #9 among top 50 lead generation influencers 👍 by Onalytica

2017- Ranked Among Top 200 Global Influencers in Content Marketing 2017 by Onalytica

In 2018 Maria founded her film production company in London, UK.

In 2019 Maria received The International Star Award for Quality Convention 2019  for Quality leadership, innovation and excellence. The convention was held in Geneva Switzerland.

Explore Maria ‘s  fiction and non fiction books.