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Take advantage of search engine optimization and promotional packages. One has a strong track record of delivering new ways to get the best results your wish for. For organic SEO and pay per click( PPC ) please brief us on your project.

One provides SEO consulting services, including SEO Audit, SEO Training, Google Webmasters tool, Google Analytic, multilingual SEO for eCommerce and SEO PPC Management. One also offers business consulting, multilingual social media management in English, French, Russian,German,Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish ( Suomi) for your businesses in various niches such as: Real Estate, travel, health, rental cars, clothing, news, media, tech related products and services.

We manage large-scale projects in South Korea, Japan, China, India, Europe and North America. We do not offer less than 12 months contract.

Please be advised that we do not do consultations for businesses associated with adult content products, gambling sites, or any other markets that we are personally uncomfortable with. Your company’s information is safe with us. Please read Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy policy

Norwegian companies should visit this page seo priser If they wish to know about seo pricing

The consultation fee is £120 per hour and Norwegian companies should pay 25% tax.

We offer only paid advertising packages through content marketing and social media.

Please do not solicit free social media, article and infographic campaigns.

Handling bots and crawlers under server

Before contacting us for your article submission and guest posting inquiries, please note that we blocked all bots and seo tools’ crawlers under our server. We do not even allow bots follow our network on social sites let alone on our websites. We receive real human traffic on articles and pages on our domains.

Guest posting and article inclusion inquiries

We offer a fixed article inclusion pricing since we run Maria Johnsen’s articles across social networks and web. However we offer discount offer during some occasions such as thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Black Friday,some bank holidays and independence day.

Who are our regular audience?

Media and PR companies, investors, CEOs, manufacturers, Industry 4.0, travel agencies, ecommerce owners, app developers, artificial intelligence tool developers, politicians in the U.S, Canada and Europe. singers, song writers, film and music producers, real estate investors and agents, governments, children’s toy manufacturers, sales agents and recruiters.

Expert roundup invitations

Maria Johnsen participates in roundups no more than 10 people. When you email us make sure to include where the roundup will be published and upon publishing send us the link. read some tips on how to conduct a SEO expert roundup

Keynote speaker invitations

We receive a lot of inquires worldwide in regards to speaking at radio, TV, seminars and conferences related to artificial intelligence, social media, SEO, digital marketing and film marketing. Due to high volume of inquiries Maria Johnsen only accepts paid invitations including covering hotel and round trip tickets. For booking and scheduling please contact our administration.

Requesting A Copy Of Maria Johnsen’s Book

Sample copies are sent at our sole discretion, but we use the guidelines below.

To be considered for a sample copy, you must:

Be a member of teaching staff responsible for making core text recommendations for an academic course. Reasonably expect that, should you adopt the book, at least 12 copies of the book will be sold to your students or to your institutional library as a result of your recommendation. Provide us with the following details at the time of your request:
Your full academic postal address (we send samples to academic addresses only)