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SEO Sales Offer Limited Time

Do you need increase in your website's ranking and sales?

This package gets your website ranked on Google first page.

Google algorithm ( Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird) safe!

Over flood your website with QUALITY back links using this special whitehat SEO link building package!

  If you are running a serious online business, you must invest in your online marketing campaign. A company without marketing is a dead business.It is useless to run a website online when it is not visible.

You will get worldwide domains with a natural mix of dofollow/nofollow quality backlinks from sites with good SEO stats. Which means good domain authority, ahref rank and other awesome signals on most of the sites.

SEO That Works!


We apply eight manual SEO link building processes in 30 days. You receive the reports of work when we finish this campaign. Major player companies buy this type of whitehat SEO link building. We diversify your keywords but rank only one of them on Google. Although we target Google search engine for ranking, but through our campaigns websites get ranked on other search engines as well.   




400 links

PDF, Image, video and DOC SUBMISSIONS 

3. Edu backlinks These are links from educational websites, that direct readers back to your own web page. Building links to these types of sites can make even the most seasoned link builder smile more than they did at their own college graduation. Nevertheless, this reaction may seem overblown to those who are unfamiliar with the power of edu and goverment backlinks



500 blast back links of wiki, social, guest posts 


Link building and link juice from high PR domains

6. TIER 1  URL   (the best part) 

Link building on 5000 unique domains with high authority ( C class IPS), no paid links

Who should not buy this package?  We do not work on illegal websites. Since I am christian, I don't work on porn and gambling websites. This package won't work on penalized or domain sandboxed. First you must have the penalization removed and then buy this package. 

Buy this service  Google penalty recovery  

We help you with sandbox recovery on keyword or domain level. This is not included with this package.

Note: If you are the type that expect to see results over night, then this service is not for you. Normally a search engine needs 3 to 6 weeks to index all links. We can index them all, but this is dangerous for your website.

We have been using this package on our long term clients' websites in various niches and they all are ranked on page one. The older these links get, the higher and more stable your website's ranking get. You know what is the best part? Your website ranks for other keywords too. This package contains eight processes and we kept the two last processes secret due to our business trademark policy. Rest assured that your business is in better hands. You can use this for your website or outsource at our company.This package works with all languages. Yes, your website gets ranked in any country with our package.  Since the content of these processes are highly valuable we cannot offer lower pricing.  All these sites are high PR and authority websites with good citation flow and trust flow.

We worked hard to gather quality domains. 

Your website gets ranked as these links get older just like an antique item. This package gives your website a permanent positioning for a long time unless you or your future SEO expert messes with your website's link profile. Other than that your domain stays on page one for a long time no matter algorithm change. 

We are not operating on a freelance marketplace hiding behind a username with no picture and shady SEO tactics. Whatever they do, gives short term results and then your website disappears. This is why they offer cheap seo.

We have been in this business for a long time and working with major player companies around the world. We are here for you:-) 


This Campaign has ended!

You will see the effect when the project is done and the complete effect will be visible within two months. This is 100% manual and safe link building SEO service.  We use this campaign on our long term clients' websites and they all ranked for competitive terms on Google local and global. We work on any language. 

 Buy here paypal fee is included. Make sure to send us 10 keywords and one URL. Let us know your main keyword or key phrase. With this package we rank one keyword. I highly recommend sending your project first, when we approve it, then you can buy it. The approval process won't take long:-)



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