Maria Johnsen's screenplay  



Enduring Freedom

Genre: Action Thriller

By: Maria Johnsen

Log line: Marine officer, Jack Williams, is sent to free US soldiers from a ruthless Taliban prison. He falls in love with a beautiful rebel trying to free her sister from the Taliban and together they fight.

Pitch: Marine officer, JACK WILLIAMS,is sent to Afghanistan to free his fellow soldiers from a Taliban prison. Travelling through the Afghan mountains, he meets, MINA, a beautiful and intelligent rebel who is fighting to rescue her captive sister from the Taliban. The two are suddenly caught in the crossfire of a bloody Taliban raid and escape to pursue their missions together. A local villager guides Jack and Mina to the Taliban command base in Pashmool. Jack explodes the weapons warehouse to cause a massive distraction. While the Taliban guards run to the explosion, Jack and Mina rush to free the prisoners from the black holes called prison. Jack frees his soldiers while Mina finally frees her beloved sister and the three rush out to make their escape. A Taliban guard returns to the prison just in time to see the three running from the prison. He takes aim and fires one last fatal shot as the three friends run for their lives and for freedom.

Enduring Freedom

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