Successful Freelancing And Outsourcing

 A Guide To Make Money Online And Increase Business Profit

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"Does Applying For Jobs 24/7 Pay the Bills?" 


Successful Freelancing And Outsourcing is a book that will guide you through making money online realistically, from a writer with experience in both freelancing and outsourcing. 

The Successful Freelancing And Outsourcing is a series of nonfiction written by Maria Johnsen. The first book "A Guide To Make Money Online And Increase Business Profit" is an introduction of tactics and strategies in freelancing and outsourcing. The outsource section contains outsourcing strategies which can be useful for companies around the world.

The acknowledged expert in the online marketing, Maria Johnsen provides a step- by- step method teaching the fundamental lesson of freelancing that will enable you to make money online.

"You will never achieve your goal if you lack of resourcefulness.
Bring your passion, imagination and creativity into life."- Maria Johnsen



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"As a seasoned internet marketer and freelancer myself, I found this book to be quite refreshing and I believe it will not only benefit those interested in learning about freelancing and outsourcing or those who are just venturing into the world of online marketing, it will also be helpful to those of us who think we already know everything there is to know. Being a freelancer is tough, I know all about it, unless of course you have the luck of the Irish, which I don't, however this interesting book offers a wealth of helpful and friendly advice and I really wish I had this book to guide me during the early years rather than have to suffer through the school of hard knocks." John Sullivan

Successful Freelancing And Outsourcing (Book 1)


Wonderland of Information

This book is a wonderland of information in terms of freelancing and outsourcing. The abundance of useful information in this book should be looked at as something extremely valuable. This book alone can change your entire outlook and help you immensely with your ventures.

Many other books of the same topic fail in this aspect in that they are not truly insightful, and instead provide strategies that simply do not work. This book is a magnificent exception that excels in this area.

The writing style in this book is another thing that makes it such a great book. To have valuable information is one thing, but to have that the information presented in an appropriate and interesting way is another more difficult thing. This is something that this book manages very well.

The information in this book is also versatile in that it will be helpful in most business situations, despite the configuration.

 Successful Freelancing And Outsourcing

The following is the second book "how to outsource excessive workload". It includes tips about how to land more projects and tactics of finding the right experts who would do the job onetime with great quality so that your clients will be happy. Many expert freelancers have a satisfied client base who refer more people to them. When a freelancer gets an excessive workload, he or she faces a bigger challenge. In this book, one presents the issues and challenges in the realm of freelancing and outsourcing such as: How to outsource the projects to the right people? How to find the right people who offer A) reasonable outsource pricing B) deliver a quality job C) do the work on time D) provide support especially in programming and web development field E) respect NDA agreement. One has also provided solutions to these challenges.

Freelancing and Outsourcing

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