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Over 12 years we’ve been helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. We are a values-driven Multilingual Digital Marketing agency. Whatever your need is, we are here to help and won’t stop until you get the results you wish for.

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SEO USA service here. No false promises just genuine SEO done right for your business. Search Engine Optimization that makes a difference and keeps you in control. Transparent service. No false promises. Established 2008. Regular communication. SEO USA Expert Maria Johnsen recovers your website ‘s problem and gets you top ranking for your keywords and phrases.

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It is a well known fact, that the websites placed at an apex of the search engine result pages for every keyword or phrase are those with the highest number of people stuck on to it. Hence, search engine optimization plays an important role to promote your website in the hierarchy of the SERPs. Simply because the majority of the web surfers have tendency to look at the very first search results.

Remember that you are not the lone website owner to opt for such strategies, there are many competitors. So let us carry out your link building as well as social media marketing so that your business appear on search results.



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How Can You Estimate Your Overall Digital Marketing Spends?

A very simple method of working out your digital marketing spend is to estimate your overall digital marketing spends in the US. Whilst it is simplistic the results are spot on. Take the amount of revenue you want to generate from your website and calculate 8%. So for example if a website has a target of generating $250,000 worth of new sales. 8% is $20,000. Now whereas traditionally you would have added 3% +/- depending on whether your company is a brand leader or a newbie now you can add +/- 3% for whether or not your website is well established. However you can also add +/- 3% depending on the size and competitiveness of your keyword.

Feel free to let us know about your marketing plan and let’s see what we can do to increase your conversion rates and as a result your sales.We hope to see you on board. Whatever your need is, we are here to assist you. Please let us know how we can help you. Let’s hear it!

Why should you choose Maria Johnsen’s SEO USA service?

Although Internet is filed with various promotional campaigns by SEO agencies, however businesses wonder whom to trust.We have assisted many businesses around the world and helped them succeed in their multilingual digital marketing campaigns. We apply certain unique digital marketing strategies which separate us from the others in search engine optimization (SEO) industry. We target markets narrowly and assign every part of your SEO marketing plan to a specific expert in our team. Then we measure the results of every task. Measurement is a significant part of our digital marketing processes. We run various campaigns in order to get the best results. We run SEO link building and social media marketing and write 12 months project contract.

1. We offer a campaign specific module for each of our clients. We allow them the privilege of specifying their own keywords (unless they want us to carryout a comprehensive keyword analysis), their targeted demography and the list of competitors. We examine and optimize them which is then sent to our customers for their approval. The final list is drafted after the client’s approval.
2. We increase website’s visibility by running a unique SEO process by enhancing the keyword positioning, URL structure guidelines, meta-tags content, relevance of visible text and so forth.
3. Link popularity is the most crucial factor of search engine optimization which boosts the popularity of your website. 
4. We carry out the optimization services with an LSI based SEO approach. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the technique that gives you a crucial edge over your competitors for attracting high volume of traffic as well as potential clients. This ensures better results for your clients and higher profits for you.

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Let Us Know Your Business Goals and We’ll Create You a Marketing Plan! Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Marketing That Doesn’t Work. We specialize in marketing strategy for companies in the travel and tourism industry.


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