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Multilingual Digital Marketing 2015

Multilingual SEO

Ladies and Gentlemen, you chose this platform for a variety of reasons, most importantly our services to aid you with your search within the legions of multilingual digital marketing and sales .

We have a common goal as business owners who have experienced both high and low tidings in our businesses.

When we work on our clients’ websites in various languages ( English, Nordic, German, French, Russian and Chinese), after translating those pages, we review the pages and apply the right sales pitch in those languages which triggers buyer's purchase decision. We do not just translate the page, we trigger targeted prospects' emotional response through our campaigns for your business.

Why should you choose this service while there are so many SEO and search marketing out there? We use various digital marketing strategies and tactics such as:

- Studying the psychology of buyer behavior in various niches
- Targeting prospects within those niches in the targeted country
- Studying search engine pattern in those countries and then apply effective search engine optimization
- Ranking your website for your keywords or key phrases in those countries

We do not blindly rank a website, but we care about generating sales for your business. Believe me 99.9% of media and search marketing companies do not know how to effectively land sales in a target country. Do you know why? Because they are not trained sales experts. They fetch some strategies from certain websites who are Google's contractors and then use those strategies for their business. The result? Nothing. They think since they fetched ideas from bunch of highly ranked blogs, they know how to do SEO for their websites, but in practice those claims are nothing but speculations. Why? Because those people who preach about SEO and international SEO, do not practice SEO like we do. They just speculate aspects of seo, multilingual seo and international seo.

How do those Google contractors rank their own websites? They apply link injection on browsers, link injection in wordpress plugins and link baiting. This is why they can afford letting people post their links on their websites. These so called experts do not know how online sales works! So why do they preach about SEO? Because there is a catch, you know. They are selling SEO software and all those noises are for you to buy their software at a price of $99 dollars and more per month. Those SEO software won't help you to rank in Google. Because their statistics are not 100% accurate. With a Google or other search engine algorithm update, they malfunction!

International SEO

International SEO

Here at our company you make an investment and we make sure to give you your desired results! We have many years of solid experience in the realm of international SEO

You won't know the power of our international SEO campaign for your business unless you try it. Doing business has always been a risk, you either take a chance and win the game called business, or you will be among those who never dare to try. At the end of the day, when they come to their logical sense, it's already too late. Whether you just started in your online business or a veteran small business owner, you all know that using money in business is NOT enough, otherwise everybody would have been able to become the next Bill Gates.

So what makes a business successful? Choosing the right human resources, the expert master minds! You never ever be successful until you turn your past experience into greatness. It is time now. If you want to make this your decade, you have to start saying YES to your life and business. You have to say YES to your dream and YES to your unfolding future.

Use our multilingual digital marketing service, we help you to fulfill your dream for your business. You do need people like us to work on your campaigns and join your team. Just like what Richard Branson did. The key to your success in business is to have the right experts by your side, or you never be able to take your business to the next level. Now it is your chance, grab it!

FANTASTIC...project was completed perfectly!!! I will definitely be doing more business here and everyone should feel comfortable hiring her for their project.

Asheboro Magazine /USA.

Maria is very professional I've been very surprised about her work she's a real SEO expert very helpful and always ready to give you assistance I'll contact her again for more future seo works my website has jumped 60 positions in 2 months ! I recommend her to everybody.

Sunglasses Fashion /Italy.

Maria Johnsen's books

Check out Maria Johnsen's fiction and nonfiction books here or click at the banner.

The following books are Maria Johnsen's tried and true sales and marketing experience in Europe and North America.

Enjoy Reading!

Multilingual Digital Marketing

digital version here

Buy paperback here & see my other books

Die Macht Des Marketing (Für Anfänger) 13.00 Euro

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Les Méthodes Marketing Électronique 13.00 Euro

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The Surprising Truth About Sales $23.00

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 powerful link building seo
Explore the best organic SEO link building strategy in the market. This is the best value and investment you make for your online marketing campaign. We apply the latest whitehat SEO strategy so that your websites won't get hit by Google panda penguin and hummingbird algorithms.We do not accept gambling, porn, hacking and pharmaceutical sites.

Buy here: Link building SEO

The invention of the Internet has brought the world to our fingertips. Your customers are no longer living right outside your front door. Instead, the world is your oyster. Your business can take advantage and thrive in a global economy. If your website can only be found locally, your business is missing out. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to put your message in front of potential customers. Multilingual SEO will put your message in front of the most people possible, ensuring it is spread far and wide, increasing traffic to your site and increasing sales for your business.

One has spent time living and working around the world in varied yet significant roles as a programmer, software designer, marketing and sales manager, interpreter and translator. One understands the sales funnel.

When you do white hat marketing, you should approach it from a holistic point of view. Don’t get caught up in the numbers game that other SEO companies play. These practices and strategic campaign planning will give your website maximum visibility on the internet. When you choose our SEO packages, you will receive personalized service to include a strategy that will:

- Increase brand awareness in North America and Europe.
- Get your website found around the world and in a multitude of search engines
- Increase Sales & ROI
- Minimize Risks
- Maximize Visibility

Free free to click through this website and choose your desired service or contact me and let's see how we can be at your service.

Maria Johnsen's Blogs

Multilingual SEO

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Lead generation that works

We offer 3 months, 6 months and 12 months contract. All you have to do is to provide us information about your company's products or services, your niche, your desired targeted lead and your budget. Then we provide you a fixed quote for a fixed duration.

Animated Commercial Video Creation

Animated commercials bring a vibrancy and impact to your sales effort which in turn brings in more customers. Instead of giving a sales pitch to each visitor that comes to your website, provide them with a highly entertaining video. These animated video commercials emphasize the products or services and hold the attention of your audience!

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Multilingual Voice over

English: British English, American English,Australian English, Scottish English, South African English -French: Canadian French and European French, -German, -Italian, -Irish = Gaelic , -Nordic Languages: Norwegian , Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic

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Video Distribution and Video Ranking

Having trouble getting on page #1 for your competitive keywords or phrases on local or global search engine? No worries! We get your Video Ranked #1 in Google and Youtube! Check out our SEO Video service.

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Why Our Multilingual Marketing Service?

  • Increase Keyword and Key-phrase Ranking
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Great Customer Service
  • Quality & Intelligent Marketing on Global Scale
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Intelligent Local Neuromarketing
  • Individual Campaign Followups
  • Increase in Sales
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Hiring Our Service Can Save Your Company Millions
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