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Fiction Books

Maria Johnsen's Fiction Books

Immerse yourself in Maria Johnsen’s fiction books. Her imaginative writing style will transport you to other worlds and introduce you to unique characters and complex plots. With over a dozen novels, there is something for everyone.

Fiction booksMaria Johnsen is an author known for her wide-ranging fiction books, which cover a variety of genres. Her stories are captivating and immersive, drawing readers into thrilling mysteries, heartwarming romances, and adventurous tales.

One of Maria Johnsen’s strengths is her ability to create intricate plots and compelling characters in her mystery and suspense novels. Her stories keep readers engaged with unexpected twists and turns, making them eager to uncover the truth behind each mystery.

In addition to her mystery novels, Maria Johnsen also excels in romance fiction. Her books explore the complexities of love and relationships, transporting readers to exotic locations and delivering tales of second chances and redemption.

What sets Maria Johnsen apart is her knack for blending genres seamlessly. She often combines elements of mystery, romance, epic fantasy, historical fiction, paranormal and adventure to craft truly unique reading experiences that appeal to a wide audience.

Beyond entertainment, Maria Johnsen’s books also tackle thought-provoking themes and social issues. Through her stories, she encourages readers to reflect on the human experience and consider new perspectives on the world around them.

 Maria Johnsen’s fiction books showcase her talent and versatility as a writer. With her ability to create compelling narratives across different genres, she has earned a dedicated following of readers who eagerly await each new release.

Maria Johnsen’s Epic Fantasy Triology

The Background of my story: It took me six months to meticulously plan the battle scenes and immerse myself in learning about war strategies. I’ve been crafting the book since 2019, titled “The Battle of Hulders,” which is now in the process of being adapted into a film called “Elf and Huldra” by Golden Way Media Films, currently seeking financing.

“Elf and Huldra” is based on my epic fantasy novel, “The Battle of Hulders,” and serves as a continuation of my earlier film, “Huldra and Photographer,” produced in 2019. Proceeds from book sales will be allocated to fund and finance the production of the upcoming epic fantasy feature film, “Elf and Huldra,” presently in pre-production.

While the single book was published in 2023 and the trilogy is released this year in 2024, it actually took me several years to complete the entire series. The “Battle of Hulders” trilogy is available in multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, English, and Japanese.

Maria Johnsen
The Battle of Hulders -book 1

Dive into the fascinating world of “The Enchanted Pursuit” (Book 1)!

🌟 Embark on an exhilarating journey through the captivating realms of “The Enchanted Stroll,” where magic pulsates through every page and adventures await around every corner! Are you ready to be swept away?

🔮 Immerse yourself in a world where the air crackles with spells, where secrets lurk in the shadows, and where love transcends the boundaries of realms! Will you dare to follow the path of forbidden passion between a vivacious Huldra princess and a charismatic elven prince?

💫 Join them on a quest filled with captivating encounters, breathtaking action, and heart-wrenching romance that will leave you speechless and thirsty for more! Can you resist the call of destiny?

⚔️ Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic firsthand – get your copy now and prepare to lose yourself in a whirlwind of adventure, mystery, and passion that will enchant you! Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime?

Get your copy of “The Enchanted Pursuit” today and open the door to a world where dreams come true and destinies are forged in the fire of fate!


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the battle of hulders book 2

Discover the captivating sequel, ‘The Revelation of Destiny’ (Book 2)!

📚 Are you ready to embark with Eowena and Brandor on an epic adventure as they battle through the twists and turns of destiny?

💫 Will their love withstand the resistance from their families, or will unforeseen challenges tear them apart?

💔 And what dark schemes do the trolls have in store to keep you on the edge of your seat?

🌑 Immerse yourself in a world full of suspense, romance, and unexpected twists!

🎭 Are you ready for the revelations that await you? 🤔


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the battle of hulders book 3

🔥 Unveil hidden secrets and confront ultimate destiny in ‘The Convergence of Destinies’ (Book 3)!

Are you ready for a thrilling journey with Queen Maethild, the fearless warrior who has led countless battles for her kingdom? 💪 Brace yourself for an epic adventure as she faces a sinister threat lurking in the shadows, poised to destroy the very foundations of her realm! 😱

But hold on tight, for Queen Maethild holds a secret of such depth, so revolutionary, that its revelation will leave you speechless. What could it be? How will it change the kingdom’s destiny forever? 🤔

The Convergence of Destinies ( Book 3)

Queen Maethild, a warrior who has valiantly fought in countless battles for her kingdom, now faces a grave threat from enemies lurking in the shadows. Little do they know, she harbors a secret that will only be unveiled in the third book, altering the course of the kingdom’s fate forever.


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If you prefer to buy all in one book. Below is the shorter version in one book.

In a realm woven with enchantment, where mystical beings and ethereal creatures reside, a tale of love unfolds, defying the boundaries of fate. It is a story of forbidden passion, where the hearts of Elves and Huldras intertwine against all odds.

In this captivating saga, forbidden love unfurls its petals, revealing the raw power of emotions that defy all reason. As the secrets of the past unravel and the truths of the present come to light, readers are drawn into a fantastical world that resonates with their deepest desires. Within these pages, love is tested, sacrifices are made, and the indomitable power of bloodlines echoes through every enchanting chapter. It is a tale that will enrapture the hearts of readers, leaving an indelible mark, and reminding us of the profound magic that lies within our own souls.

This is the continuance of my film called “Huldra and Photographer” Which I made back in 2019. Currently I have a feature film in pre-production called “Elf and Huldra” inspired by this story.

Why did I choose to write this epic fantasy novel?

In 2019, I made a film titled “Huldra and Photographer,” in Trondheim, Norway which has been distributed worldwide to 175 countries. Inspired by the captivating tales surrounding the Huldra, I delved deeper into the essence of these ancient legends.

Driven by this fascination, I crafted a screenplay called “Elf and Huldra” and wrote this book, drawing upon the captivating essence of these ancient legends. Within the realms of my imagination, I have constructed a world centered on the enigmatic Huldra, weaving elements of fantasy, romance, and mysticism together to transport readers into a realm entirely of my own creation. Based on this unique epic fantasy I shaped a world and characters in my story. The sales generated from this book will be dedicated to funding and financing the production of my upcoming epic fantasy feature film, “Elf and Huldra,” currently in the pre-production stage at Golden Way Media Films company.

Today, on March 16th 2024, I just found out that someone reviewed my book “The Battle of Hulders” on Barnes and Noble’s website in Washington 9 months ago. I hadn’t even promoted the book and had kept it under the radar, but it seems people are finding it anyway, whether I market it or not.😍

The Battle of Hulders Review on Barnes and Nobles
Tales of a Wishful Thinker where laughter, tears, and unexpected twists collide in a whirlwind of comedic highs, tragic lows, and heartfelt triumphs.

“Tales of a Wishful Thinker” is a collection of my short stories. Some will make you laugh, some might tug at your heartstrings, and others will leave you feeling uplifted. I wrote each story hoping that one day they could be turned into movies.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to make my cinematic dreams a reality right now. So, I’ve decided to share these stories by publishing them instead, until I can afford to do otherwise. Each story touches on themes like love, hope, loneliness, family, hard work, friendship, and never giving up, offering a wide range of story ideas that could work in different formats, from serious movies to cartoons.

These stories are for everyone. Some of them are perfect for cartoons or animations, while others are better suited for dramatic films.

Get your copy!


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Step into a world where laughter meets tears and hope intertwines with despair. “Tales of a Wishful Thinker” invites you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through a collection of short stories that delve into the depths of the human experience. From heartwarming tales of love and friendship to poignant reflections on loneliness and perseverance, each story is crafted with cinematic flair, beckoning to be adapted onto the silver screen. Whether you’re in the mood for a drama that tugs at your heartstrings or an animated adventure that sparks your imagination, this book offers something for everyone. Join us on a journey where every page turns into a potential blockbuster!

tales of w wishful thinker green edition

Genre: Paranormal , Fantasy

My current film, Ghostware, is a sci-fi horror fantasy based on one of my books. We are currently in the production phase of Ghostware, and I am  part of the cast and producer/director of the film.

More information can be found here:  Ghostware

P.S.: There is an online game with a similar name to my movie. I’ve been promoting my film worldwide, including on social media since 2017. In fact this was one of my projects at the university back then. It’s possible those developers were inspired by my story and created a game based on it. I’ve had to rewrite my script several times due to people copying my story. It’s a unique tale and definitely worth investing in.

If you wish to buy the book

It can be obtained on Amazon , Google books and Google play along with their networks online and offline. The afternoon when she died.

ISBN 9781502427359

Hard Copy: Here

Digital copy: Here on Google Books

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the afternoon when she died

De middag Dat Ze Stierf

De Middag Dat Ze Stierf

ISBN: 9781502445148

Hard copy: here

Digital: here

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Historical Fiction, Romance War

Play Video about Roses and Chocolates

 I wrote a TV pilot based on this story which will be a 5 seasons TV series starting from 1943 until 1975. Currently the pilot is under pitching process. More about Roses and Chocolates can be found Roses and Chocolates

ISBN: 978-1500499662

Hard copy: here

Digital: Google Books

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RosesAndChocolates historicalromance