The Spirit World

The spirit world

The Spirit World

The Spirit World is of a multi-layered structure. It is divided into many different levels (dimensions) according to the state of mind of the spirits who live there.

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration

Vibration is more than your moment-to-moment happiness or unhappiness.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.

The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony

Maintaining harmony in your life is a dynamic, ongoing process.



Spiritual healing can reduce pain and suffering, lessen or eliminate symptoms, and promote quicker recovery.

The Spirit World

The Spirit World is divided into many different dimensions according to the state of mind of the spirits who live there. The term "Spirit" is used in several ways in Spiritualist literature. Spirit can mean an individual person who is living in the spirit world. Spirit can mean the spirit world itself, or the influence of the spirit world on the earth plane. Spirit can mean God (also called "infinite intelligence" or "the God of your understanding" in Spiritualist literature). The dictionary meaning for spirit is "essence".

People on the earth plane always have people from the spirit world around them. Whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Hindu, Christian, Indian, Spiritualist, Buddhist, Muslim, or Atheist, it makes no difference.

Spirits are not normally visible. To continue the fog analogy, someone standing 10 feet away from you in a dense fog can't be seen, although the person is there. Spirit people can be perceived. Sometimes you may actually see a spirit person - often just a face or head, or perhaps the entire body. This appearance may be visible to you only (subjective), or may be for everyone to see (objective). You are not "just seeing things". Spirits can and do show themselves to people on occasion, and when they do, it is usually on a subjective basis.

Who are these people? They are people who have passed over ("died") and are now living in the spirit world. They are commonly loved ones or relatives, but they may be your guides and teachers.

Guides and teachers are people who help you learn and grow. Yes, believe it or not, you are not spiritually perfect. If you think you are perfect then you are in sad shape. If you think it doesn't apply to you then you had better wake up and get with it. Everyone is here to learn and your guides and teachers are here to help you.

Life is growth and progression. All those experiences you've had in life that you can't understand or would never want to go through again are a part of that progression. So are those experiences of feeling "on top of the world". Guides and teachers are helping us to learn life's lessons and become better people on all levels - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically (regardless of which religion (if any) you believe in).

Do spirits and ghosts exist?

There is an existence called the spirit world. The spirit world exists in the same space that the earth plane does and is all around you. Imagine you are standing in a fog. The fog is all around you. Everything else that is normally around you is there also, whether you see it through the fog or not. Where does the fog stop and the "everything else" begin? In this way the spirit world exists in the same space as the earth plane. This is not a perfect analogy but it illustrates the point. I have been studying about spirituality and various religions in different languages since childhood. I have always been curious about secrets of the spiritualism. This site is my research on spirituality and supernatural world.

ghost at movie theatre

Emma Johnson took her children to watch the new Ghostbusters film and noticed what looked like the ghost of a child in the background.Emma said: "I wanted to take a selfie because it was the first time that Harper had been to the cinema but I was really self-conscious so I made sure that the cinema was empty.

"I even bumped into a friend who was on the back row and she assured me that there was no one there when I spoke to her later.

"It was only when we got home and checked the photo that we saw the ghost and I could make out a little girl and a teddy next to her. I didn't even think that it was possible to have a teddy bear ghost.

ghost at movie theatre

After uploading the snap, other social media users accused Emma of photo-shopping the image, but she insists she did not.

"I just shared it online because I was trying to shed some light on who the ghost could have been. "Because the cinema is right near the sea, I don't know if it is of a little girl who drowned or something like that, but no one has mentioned any incidents like that just yet." A spokesman for the Light Cinema declined to comment on the incident.

source:, August 8th 2016:

My own Experience Of Seeing Ghost

On February 21 at 14:00 PM in 2017 while I was working on a programming project, something was happening in the background. My screen was pitch-black in a way that I could see my background through the monitor. I was busy writing then all of sudden on my monitor I saw a reflection of an apparition behind me who went slowly from right to the left of room toward the window and disappeared. I couldn't believe I was seeing a ghost! I stopped typing, my eyes were following what was happening in the background. I slowly turned my head and looked back at it. She wasn't there. She went slowly from the right to the left and disappeared. It was a woman in her 30s around 5.7 tall. This happened in clear daylight! It seemed like she's living here. I wasn't scared or freaked out. This whole thing happened in a few seconds. Although my iphone was on my desk but it happened so fast that I couldn't pick it up and take her picture. Besides I wasn't prepared to see a ghost either. I don't think she was an evil entity because she didn't scare me nor did my cats and birds. Usually pets and animals sense an evil spirit. The apparition didn't even care I was there.It seemed like I was a ghost to her.I just saw my cat Smarty looked at the point where she went and disappeared. She looked like the image below, the difference is the spirit i saw was a woman while the following image is a child's spirit.


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