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Multilevel Marketing

Facts About Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Some organizations are developed by either building an active customer base or recruiting a down-line of independent distributors who also build a customer base. As a result such organizations expands. In addition, distributors can also earn a profit by retailing products they bought from the parent company. Distributors earn a commission based upon the sales efforts of their organization, which includes their independent sale efforts as well as the leveraged sales efforts of their down line.

Is Multi-level marketing legal?

The most legitimate companies and organizations pay to their retailers and distributors ONLY on sales of the company’s products. Such as: web hosting services, affiliate marketing programs that are based on selling their products. In fact no one can receive money only by (Free-sign-ups)
In a marketing plan you promote a brand or a product which is legal.

Multilevel marketing

What is pyramid or Ponzi schemes?

It involves exchange of money for enrolling other people in to the schemes without selling anything. Many pyramid schemes claim to be a legitimate MLM business. Why is it called Ponzi schemes?
In 1920 Charles Ponzi,was an ex-convict who promised the Italian-American community of South Boston that he would give them a 50 percent return on their money in just 45 to 90 days. Mr. Ponzi claimed that he could pay such a high rate of return because he could earn 400 percent by trading and redeeming postal reply coupons. These coupons had been established under the Universal Postal Convention to enable a person in one country to pre-pay the return postage on a package or letter sent back from another country. For a short time after World War I, fluctuations in currency exchange rates did create a disparity between the cost and redemption value of postal reply coupons among various countries.

However, Mr. Ponzi discovered that he could only make a few cents per coupon and that handling large volumes of coupons cost more than they were worth. He stopped redeeming any coupons but continued to collect investors’ money. When he actually paid a 50 percent return to some early investors, his reputation soared and more money flowed in from around the country. Mr. Ponzi bought a stylish house in the best part of town and purchased a large minority interest in his local bank, the Hanover Trust Company.

Eventually his scheme began to unravel, bringing ruin to the bank and thousands of investors. When Mr. Ponzi began to overdraw his accounts at Hanover Trust, the Massachusetts Banking Commissioner ordered Hanover Trust to stop honoring Ponzi’s checks. The bank refused and even issued back-dated certificates of deposit to cover Mr. Ponzi’s overdrafts. A few days later, the Banking Commission took over Hanover Trust, and Mr. Ponzi was arrested for mail fraud. In the end, Charles Ponzi owed investors over $6 million, an enormous sum of money for that time. He was convicted of fraud in both state and federal court and served ten years in prison. ( source: FTC )

Why some MLM’ers fail in marketing?

-No upline support
-New MLM marketers cannot sell
-MLM’er cannot generate good leads
-No true duplicate system
-Selling by mail using standard MLM techniques
-The marketer is not sure about the MLM marketing company
-They do not stick with marketing long enough

How to do online business?

In the automated world of marketing system, it is not feasible to just waiting for receiving a passive income. You should work for your online business in order to give you the effective results. What you do in MLM system is that you sign up under person nr 1, you sign up for the program under person nr 1, you market your system/product with your links to person nr 1, person nr 2,person 3. You earn money by selling that product.

There are programs that provide some opportunities and strategies to grow your business. Some of these MLM marketers give you free tools and let you to build your affiliate business program.

When you want to market your free marketing system, you should understand that something free will cost money. There are always some scammers that build their pyramid of scam and deceive people in the name of free online.The internet is a world of information and misinformation at the same time. We, humans are equipped with the power of mind and real world of logic. Nobody can say that I was deceived since nobody under any circumstances can force a person to do anything.

Many people might think that a free marketing system is like running around in a circle and waste their time and money.

There are a lot of newbie out there, running around and using every affiliate program without getting any result. The solution is that you should stay organized, work systematically, concentrate on one thing at a time, read and learn what the others have done in the past in respect of doing online business. Create your own blueprint.

If you want to do business online, do some research first, find your desired niche. When you feel that you are ready, make a commitment to the program.

Make your ads more appealing such as:

* Reach a target audience and market: Find where your ads have market. Many people do some mistake on Google Adwords and put the target global:” the entire world”. This is a big mistake. You get clicks, but you lose your money without selling anything.

Some governments will not let your website be viewed because of their particular regulations such as: China, Cuba, certain Muslim countries etc.

* Make sure your ad is visible for those who want to see it and click on it. So do not use Google Adwords standard campaign. Here are some great tips about getting smart with Google Adwords PPC

Use keyword bidding strategy.

* Write a persuasive ad copy: Read some e-books on effective copy writing.

* Be passionate about your product: When you talk about your product with enthusiasm, your readers will also become excited about it.

* Give to your audience what they want: Think! who would be interested in your product?

* Does your product solve a problem? Reflect the resolution in your ad.

* Produce keywords with different bidding: Put some values on a group of key words (300 keywords per ad in a group campaign)

* Apply headlines H1, H2: You can employ tags and break your ad copy up with each headline. Your headlines should summarize the ad (text block). Make it interesting and appealing. * Avoid applying negative words such as:If, maybe etc. Try to keep your ads as short as possible. People get bored easily.

* Make it risk free and create a sense of urgency. Have you seen some ads on some Web Pages that put a clock ticking in it? That is a strategy to create a sense of urgency

* Add some bonuses and discounts

* Advertise some free stuff along with your ad. People get attracted to free items.

* Ensure people with security and give them confidence in order to purchase your product

* Let your potential clients know that if they do not buy your product, they make a big mistake. Here i have explained effective ways of selling online and offline with some headline tips. I have revealed some tried and true strategies to make money online in my book The Surprising Truth About Sales

Link building SEO

As you know that Internet (www) is the world of links. You receive more quality links, you get higher ranking on the search engines. As a result you get more potential visitors who may find your ad interesting or if you have adsense on your pages, you may also get some clicks.Writing quality content can be a great solution to driving in sales to your products or services. Targeted link building SEO is not just for getting high PR but drives in sales as well if it is done right.

Content marketing and social media marketing

Another way of getting targeted traffic is via social media if it is done right.


Send every couple of weeks newsletters and keep your members/subscribers updated.Do not spam and respect your subscribers’ privacy. Stay as popular as you can.

We should not rank our beliefs by plausibility.Go for the gold, dream big, believe in yourself, work hard and you will see the results.

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