Free SEO Tools For Website Owners

Many SEO experts and webmasters pay a lot of money every month for various paid SEO tools . You will find within this article some Free SEO Tools For Website Owners!


Dropbox – You can create multiple accounts for different computers and share them with each other.

Fake name generator – No idea why you would want to generate fake names but if you did find the need, here you go.

Screaming Frog – There is a free version of Screaming frog which will allow you to audit a site but limits the amount of URLs you can crawl. For a small site this will do the job.

Lastpass – This tool stores all your passwords conveniently in one location. For some people this might be a scary thought, let it go and start using lastpass, you’ll thank me for introducing it.

Evernote – If you’re not using evernote then start, no self respecting internet marketer or SEO can manage all this craziness in our heads, Evernote should be your go-to for planning, to-dos, and other references. This breaks the rules of this post but the premium version of Evernote which is a few bucks per month allows you to edit notes jointly with other users and avoid Google docs which is ideal.

IFTTT – The possibilities of this tool are so endless that it overwhelms most people into not using it. For example, you could set up a recipe for automatically tweeting a blog post after publishing.

Thunderbird – Similar to using a spreadsheet for managing passwords, manually logging into multiple email accounts is for noobs.

More tools

Free SEO Tools For Website Owners

SEO For Firefox : Page Ranking Extension for Firefox

SEO Monitor : Video and Audio Format Converter

Google Analytics : website traffic

Social Maker : Social Bookmarking and Promotion Tool

Web Page Analyzer : Website speed Test

Copyscape : Website duplicate content checker

Search Engine Spider Simulator : Spider Simulation Tool


Clicky – For tracking all those visits you’re getting from search and creepily spying on them.

Piwik – Another free tracking alternative. – This guy will give you some keyword suggestions appending your root keyword.

Ubersuggest – Another clutch free suggestion tool, gets the job done as well.