The Search Engine Revolution: From Past to Present and Beyond

Search Engine Revolution

Search engines have undergone a remarkable evolution since their inception during the early days of the internet. From basic keyword searches to complex algorithms capable of predicting user queries, search engines have become an essential aspect of our daily lives.
As a search engine programmer, optimizer, and SEO expert, I have been fascinated by search engine algorithms since childhood. My goal in writing The Search Engine Revolution: From Past to Present and Beyond is to assist and inspire scientists, search engine enthusiasts, and research experts in finding solutions to search engine algorithms to simplify users’ lives by answering their queries.

earch Engine Revolution by Maria Johnsen1

This book contains my research, thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding search engines since, taking you on a journey from the early days of search engines to the present day and beyond.

In 2017, I published a groundbreaking book titled ”The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – The next big technological break.”. This book became study material for postgraduate students across the globe, where I discussed AI search engines. I wrote this book to increase awareness about the latest technology in digital marketing. After publication, some professors at universities in Canada and the United States purchased copies and began teaching it in various courses, such as artificial intelligence, digital marketing, media arts, informatics, mathematics, and business management.

So why did I write this book? I created a video on YouTube about my time-traveling through search engines, which received a lot of positive feedback from my social media followers, newsletter subscribers, colleagues, and friends. A mathematician friend of mine from London University suggested that I write a book about my ideas, and here I am, presenting it to you.

The Search Engine Revolution: From Past to Present and Beyond

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