Most Effective Tactics To Manage Negative Perceptions of Government

Public Relations (PR) is an essential arm of business, organizations, and government to maintain a positive perception even amid trying times. For government, effective public relations work to counter negative impressions, handle the press on scandals, and create an overall positive picture of government agencies and their actions.

The truth is that government has been using PR in some form for centuries, but today thanks to the internet, social media marketing, and other forms of communication, the job of a PR agency has become even more complicated. You don’t have to go any further than your Twitter account to see a government presence which uses social marketing in all forms of politics.

Managing Public Opinion

During tough economic times, the opinion that most people will have about the government centers on their inability to get things turned around. Therefore, it is the job of the PR agency working for the government to highlight what is being done, to manage expectations, and to address concerns in a way that benefits the status of the government in the eyes of the people.

Highlight New Programs: One of the most popular PR methods is to highlight new or existing programs that are trying to create new jobs, helping people cope with a trying economy, boost businesses, and anything else that shows their efforts at trying to make things better for the people.

Managing Expectations: The truth is that government is often a minor player in terms of affecting the macro economy. However, when times get tough most people look to their representation for answers. So, a PR approach is to help manage the expectations so that the public understands what the government is doing, what effect it will have, and even the limitations of the approach. By putting the services of government into the proper perspective, it helps to manage the expectations for success.

Address Specific Concerns: While governments are limited in their ability to affect the overall economy, there are specific areas where they have considerable power and influence. It becomes the job of the PR agency to use the resources of social marketing, SEO, and other avenues to demonstrate how the government is addressing specific issues. People feel more confidence if they can find the information on their own, so search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a powerful tool along with social media marketing which makes the difference.

Addressing New Concerns

Of course, not everything is in control of the public relations agency. Leadership in the government is free to choose their own direction for getting out information. However, even the unexpected release of new information can be properly managed and even turned to the advantage of government if the right techniques in public relations are applied.

For the PR agency or branch of the government that is dealing with trying times and an unhappy public, turning the perception around is still possible with a combination of the right action and proper message that reaches the people.


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  • Barbara Walter

    Many government publicity trigger anger because their public relation agencies and their sub contractors don’t do their jobs right.

  • Jack Thompson Jr

    Many governments including the current United States government don’t care about public’s opinion. Trump cares only about rich people. Just look how many people are in his team, all billionaires. Trump pretends to make America great again, but all his efforts are to make billionaires more billionaire again.

  • Madison

    I agree Trump doesn’t give a damn about people, Good read, thanks

  • gabriella Jay

    There you go another great article. Thanks for the tips

  • Sarah Settlemire

    The outbreak of world war 2 shows clearly that people especially Nazis behind Trump’s administration are following the same footsteps in Germany back in WW2. The third world war is around the corner. Trump is empowering war and separation by his idiotic actions. This man should be thrown in prison. He calls every true media’s news fake news while those journalists who spread his news are actually spreading fake news. Good article Maria Johnsen.