The best ways to bolster conversion rate in video advertising

I have received many emails in regards to providing some tips on video advertising. One of the best ways to bolster conversion rate, improve your brand credibility and brand loyalty is through a captivating online video ad.  Irrespective of the online platform on which this ad is deployed, it will certainly expand market share.


Steps to creating a result-oriented video ad

While the video advertising is a powerful tool when trying to stimulate conversions, it is imperative that you create a result oriented video campaign that will appeal to your prospective audience. Given the aforesaid, here are the steps to creating a result-oriented video ad.

  1. Focus on the earliest parts of the video

When there is an abundance of online content available to the average audience, it becomes clear that the earliest parts of your video have to be captivating. The video has to be created in such a way that the audience is engrossed immediately. It is imperative that you deliver the goal of the ad immediately and that you do so in an engaging way. You could adopt an interactive style or you could begin by offering an information that is shocking or impressive. Bottom-line is that the earliest parts of your video must be appealing or you risk losing the attention of the audience.

  1. Focus on your USP

While this might sound cliché, your obligation is to focus on the USP of your product as soon as you can. The earliest part of your video should contain what makes your product different or superior to others. What are the advantages and perks of your product? The attention span of the average audience is too short. Therefore, you must communicate your Unique selling proposition immediately.

  1. Brevity is pivotal

One of the biggest errors in online video ad making is when you decide to make your content lengthy. You must avoid the temptation of making your content lengthy. The shorter the ad, the better it is for you to engage your audiences. Go straight to the meat of your message and cut out the fluffs. If you feel the need to incorporate certain kinds of content like testimonials for instance, then it comes highly recommended that you create a short popular version and an extended version for those you care to see.

  1. Communicate the “why” of your product

While most content creators are oblivious to this fact, the moment your target audience sees your ad, his or her line of thinking is geared to ask why. Why should I buy your brand over the other brand? Failure to answer this question convincingly and emphatically will cast doubts on your product. Therefore, it comes highly recommended that you provide a persuasive answer to why your customers should be buying your product.

  1. Encourage an immediate response

An ad is incomplete with an urgent call for an immediate response at the end. While you are expected to communicate your perks, benefits at the earlier part of the video, the end of the video should contain a strong, clear and direct call to action that urges clients to respond.

Here are some guidelines to implement during the making of an audiovisual ad

With the insight you have, the next line of action indenting guidelines to implement during the making of an audiovisual aid.

  • Identify the challenge: It is expected that your video ad focuses on the challenge that your product or service is dedicated to obliterating. This is pivotal to creating a result-oriented video ad.
  • A script is essential: Contrary to what you might think, having a properly crafted script is the first step towards a brilliant and captivating video advertising. Often times, the video is only as good as the script. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a well-crafted script that is evaluated for relevant modification.
  • Select an ideal platform for exposure: after creating your video, your next line of action is to expose the ad on a great platform. You should be able to know what platform is well-suited to the product. Typically, selecting your platform is determined by the nature of the video and the nature of the product. There are a lot of video sites online so choose the right ones for your advertising. Ultimately, your goal is to give the product maximum online exposure.
  • Adopt the right strategy: When it comes to showcasing your ad, it is imperative that you determine the right strategy to entice your audience online. While this is not always necessary, the right technique could put you one step ahead of rivalry brands.

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