Google Hummingbird Algorithm Analysis

What Google Hummingbird Algorithm is exactly and how has it been affecting websites’ performance.  Is it really having as drastic of an effect on sites as people are making it out? Or is it just a minor change that isn’t causing any negative reprocessing in today’s online marketing? Last is the question of backlinking, how has Google hummingbird algorithm effected this area of SEO and is there any truth in Googles words that backlinks are not affected by the algorithm, and a drop in ranking is due to the site operators backlinking capabilities instead?

First off the hummingbird is one Google’s largest releasess. Penguin 2.0 was just a refresh of the previously released algorithms, hummingbird is an entirely different. Hummingbird can have some serious effects on your website if you don’t pay attention to link building.

Backlinks are considered to be one of the strongest factors in page rank when Google makes its choice to where your website stands. There’s a different requirement today than in the past for successful backlinking campaigns. Before sites could get away with massive amounts of low quality backlinks, but those days are over. Google requires quality backlinks and various types of links as well.

In order for Google to take your page serious in the form of backlinking, a simple URL won’t do the trick anymore.  Instead the way go about creating backlinks is through a combination of URLs, Picture links,  and Anchor text links to give a more natural feeling and look that Googles spiders will consider more valuable. This will dramatically increase the rank of your website.

Something else to consider from the hummingbird algorithm is its relationship to keywords and keyword density. Google now appreciates a more natural form of communication and filling your content with keywords just for the sake of keywords can actually hurt your sites rankings.

The proper way of creating content is to use relevant and descriptive language now as the spiders have become intelligent enough to understand what message you are trying to convey.

It’s possible and very likely to rank without a single keyword in the main body or text, as long as you have very descriptive and engaging content and a superior backlinking strategy. Also it’s important to account for social media engagement into your ranking factor, specifically G+ engagement as Google is very fond of itself and the more traffic and engagement it keeps within its domains the better the internet powerhouse sees it.

For most of us who are on top of our game, the hummingbird algorithm was just another hurdle that Google threw in our way to leap over. But for those who aren’t familiar with SEO or new to the online world, the new hummingbird algorithm may have caused a dramatic loss of traffic for your website or blog.


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