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Google Penalty Recovery in 2020

Since Google has implemeneted artificial intelligence and machine learning in its algorthm, it has many problems until it becomes almost a perfect search system. There are many reasons as to why your website is penalized on domain level or keyword level such as: link devaluation, exact match domains, unnatural back links, Google Panda and anchor text over optimization.

Unfortunately we have noticed that many eCommerce websites in various niches put a lot of keywords in their keyword meta tags. This will get the website banned. Many of them are still doing it even in 2020. Some of them have some sort of SEO company that help them with ranking and some don't. Those who use SEO usually outsource their promotion to micro outsourcing websites and think cheap SEO can salvage their marketing campaigns.Many of our clients have used these kinds of low quality SEO campaigns, their websites got penalized and came to us to perform link profile cleaning and Google recovery. So why your website gets penalized?

Google Penalty Recovery

Sometimes you could be doing every SEO process right, but still your website gets penalized, it could be sometimes a plugin or a script that may have caused the issue. This is why we do need to examine your website first in order to find out why this happened. If you run an ecommerce website, we will check the site-wide issues. Google Panda and Google Penguin are the most common penalties which are completely different but can both have similarly devastating effects on a website's traffic. One will identify the type of penalty affecting your website and then fix it for you. Many websites get penalized because of panda algorithm.

Google Penalty Recovery

How Does Google Recovery Work?

First we will explore what caused the penalization issue. If your website gets penalized on keyword level we will locate the keywords and phrases then fix the penalty issue.

We will perform a website analysis, SEO audit and fix the programming issues. Then we run a Google penalty recovery.

If you have a multilingual eCommerce,we will create new content for each page, revamp critical pages and exclude thin content from pages.

We write content for each page in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Spanish languages. Our Google penalty recovery service are suitable for websites in above languages.

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Let us recover your money website effectively and efficiently with our proven strategies and recovery methods.

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