Facebook Advertising- I Will Make Your Sales Soar With Facebook Ads

Your Facebook advertising campaign is never complete without touching on Facebook’s behemoth of  advertising network. With new features such as custom pixels, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences, you’ve just run short of excuses for “Not being there”. Increase sales and web traffic along with Facebook likes.

Who should use this service?

Dentists, doctors, skincare specialists, clothing stores, ecommerce stores, authors and writers, publishers, search marketing companies, SEO experts, real estate brokers, real estate investors, lawyers, District attorneys,  movie production companies, universities, schools, online universities, training courses . language instructors, software developers, software companies, hardware companies, organizations,  bank and finance, credit card companies and insurance companies .

Why using this service?

Because we write great ad copies that generate sales. When you decide to buy one of the below services, make sure to send us the following information:

  • keywords
  • images and logo
  • URL
  • The purpose of campaign: Is it for sales or branding or both.

As soon as we receive this information we set up and optimize your campaign. We optimize your multilingual Facebook Ads.

This service gets you Facebook ads ( along with copy). You also get the option to use advanced strategies, creation of the Facebook pixel, landing pages, workflow integration, and much more.

Standard   £350

Premium    £795

Pro     £1220

 I will create new Facebook Ad campaigns and optimize existing campaigns to improve results.I will create and optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns to run up to $550 in Ad SpendI will create and optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns to run with unlimited ad spend/ads
Page Setup

 yes yes yes
Targeted Audiences

yes yes yes
Page/Channel Evaluation

yes yes yes
Campaign Development

yes yes yes
Tracking Pixel

Number of Platforms

Ad Revisions

Delivery Time4


7 days


7 days


Here’s what working with me looks like: 

1. The first thing we need to do is make sure that when you make the order you are able to provide all of the account access needed for me to begin the work.

2. I will guide you through the process of granting access to your Facebook Pages and your Facebook Advertising Account. If you don’t have a Facebook Ads Account that’s okay! We’ll make one for you :).

3. We’ll look to see if there may be any hidden gems or promising stats from past campaigns.

4. Once we know where you’ve been, we begin to create the campaigns. We will create Ad Variations and Targeting Variations to increase the likelihood that the ads result in the sales you are looking for.

5. After you approve the ads we will run them and monitor them when you choose to continue working with us. We will provide weekly reports on performance and communicate with you as much as you like so you are comfortable with our approach.


How much do I need to spend in Facebook Advertising?
There’s no single right answer for this question. It really depends on several factors like your industry and margin. Facebook Ads are a very inexpensive way to advertise and we track results with you to help determine your ROI.

How long does it take for ads to start working?
Once we publish your ads they usually appear to your target audience within an hour. However, there is no set time for when you will see results. Some industries and campaigns require more variations and experimentation to determine the right targeting and creative while others see success on day 1.

What type of clients have you worked with?
We have worked with a wide variety of clients from startups to businesses owning over 100 Stores. We are experienced in ecommerce and particularly specialize in Facebook Lead generation for all businesses with at least one dedicated sales person.

Is the ad spend included in the price of the Facebook Ad campaign?
The ad spend is not included in the price of the gig. I will manage your ad budget or set your campaigns up to run according to the budget you provide. You will be billed directly by Facebook for your ad spend 🙂

Are results guaranteed?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee results for any of the campaigns. My work is exclusively on the creation, targeting and optimization of your Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Other factors like your website quality, brand strength, product price, and demand contribute to your campaign results.