Tips on Changing Marketing Strategy

The only constant in the world, especially when it comes to marketing, is change. This means for those who are mapping out their digital marketing  strategies, discovering and embracing new techniques should be at the forefront of your sales efforts. While marketing  will still incorporate many tried-and-true tactics, to expand your sales will mean a little experimentation to reach your sales  goals.


Review the Past & Set New Goals

You should start your efforts by reviewing how well you have performed last year.

  • Did you meet your sales expectations?
  • Have you explored all the marketing strategies that you wanted to try?
  • Are you launching new products or services?

You should look at your markets, industry, and customer base to ground yourself in the type of digital marketing  strategies that may work best for your business. This means identifying your Key Performance Indicator (KPI), so you can accurately measure your success based on past efforts.

Your new goals should be  high enough to be a challenge, but not too far out of reach. Keep in mind that you can reset your goals based on unexpected events that both positively and negatively affect your sales.

What Direction to Choose?

What is comforting about marketing is that you have many different strategies to choose from. What follows are some of the more proven in terms of digital marketing.

Paid Advertising: While paying for ads both with traditional internet sources and social media can be expensive, they also work. Using the basic social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can reach many customers depending on your field.

Organic Marketing: There is always room for free advertising in any business model. Inbound and outbound marketing using social media sources is always a plus. However, you might find that Twitter may be counterproductive to your efforts. Twitter has not demonstrated the results of many other social media platforms.

Personalize Your Marketing: The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are long dead. If you do not find a way to personalize your marketing, then you will face an uphill battle for sales. Given that personalized emails and messaging outperforms generic versions by over 300%, it pays to put in programs that help you personalize your sales approach.


One of the most interesting marketing strategies that has developed over the years is sponsorships. From sports teams to the transportation industry and beyond, reaching new customers may require you to highlight your business to those who might not see your regular advertising.

Sponsoring a team, plane, or bus provides you with a simple, yet effective means of reaching an audience that might otherwise be out of touch. Consider you current customer base and how a sponsorship might expand your sales efforts.

Effective marketing means evaluating your current status, researching your customer base, and selecting strategies that can help you bolster your customer base. This means reaching your sales expectations and exceeding them by embracing new ideas while improving upon your proven marketing tactics.


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