SEO Trend in 2020 – The Impact of Google Bert on SEO

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers aka Google Bert algorithm is created to understand the context of a search query. While Bing had already been using BERT, Google uses this algorithm for some searches in the U.S. BERT builds upon recent work in pre-training contextual representations — including Semi-supervised Sequence Learning, Generative Pre-Training, ELMo, and ULMFit. Google used the straightforward technique of masking out some of the words in the input and then condition each word bidirectionally to predict the masked words.

Example: The woman went to the department store. She bought a silver party dress. Mask words are department store and silver. Google engineers claim that NLP researchers who use BERT will never need to pre-train their own models from scratch.

Content has always been important in search engine optimization. In 2020 content marketing and content strategy is a part of search engine trend. In fact search engines’ algorithms look at all aspects of a website in order to rank it in their search engine results. SEO processes such as: on page and off page search engine optimization are important.

Information that the majority of SEOs brag about on social media mainly Twitter and call/called it firsthand SEO trend are the same as what we have been practicing for many years. The only difference between now and 22 years ago is that Google is equipped with artificial intelligence, deep mind, deep learning and machine learning algorithms and voice search if you compare it with how Google, Bing and Baidu and Yandex were back in 90’s and early year 2000’s.

Although SEO experts received some hints about focusing on user intent and what they write on search engines, but optimizing a website for its keywords and phrases is significant. SEOs , yours truly included aren’t psychics to predict what users write in search engines. They/we can guess what they may search in Google but it is impossible to know what a Tunisian user in France would write about certain query in Google. We are not in users ‘ head.

It is impossible to know what 3.2 billion users would/will write in Google. The job of a search engine is to give users the information they need IF that information is already searched before in the search engine’s database.

A few years ago when I was in my  freshman year  and worked as part time sub-contractor at Google in California, my job was to clean it from spam and manually create keywords in Google to make them searchable. This mission was to improve Google search engine in comparison with its competitors back then. If a keyword or key phrase has not been searched before, Google CANNOT give you information about it because that new keyword cannot be found in its search database. Google Bert algorithm in 2020 is trying to accomplish this mission. To guess and provide a series of keywords when a user types in search engine or uses voice search, but this is not complete on global level.

Back then I created a series of keywords in Google in order to make those keywords searchable in different categories. Some of SEO related keywords were: multilingual seo, SEO Norway, PPC Deutschland, multilingual seo, multilingual search engine optimization. I created 1000s of 1000s of combinations of keywords in various categories. Today when I see these keywords are selling in Google Ads campaigns It gives me a feel of accomplishment.

The following trends will shape up your marketing efforts in 2020 such as:  Low Cost Paid advertising, Organic Marketing and Content Marketing. Businesses will advertise on their own social media channels more than on their own websites. Why? Because selling on social media sites such as Instagram is more profitable than on your own website. I am not saying that they don’t use their ecommerce or site to run Google ads. One of my client’s spent £300.000 on redesigning his company’s car dealerships website and spends one and half million pounds on PPC ads per annum, the company still uses their site to run ads on their pages, but running ads on their social channels are more profitable than on their website. Thanks to new Facebook’s ad campaign strategy and YouTube‘s ad algorithms people make more sales than before.  So why would companies run ads on their social sites more than on their own pages? This is due to the following factors such as:

  1. Domain authority: A social site has higher domain authority than their website so they save advertising budget
  2. Trust factor: people buy quicker on their social media channel than their own website
  3. Algorithm: Better algorithmic performance
  4. Cheaper advertising cost: Lesser cost per click
  5. Profit: Selling more

This is how ad’s algorithm on different social site is designed. It all depends on having the quality ad copy, video and imageries.

Many small businesses use Facebook advertising in order to boost sales. Google ads have become more advanced which give better results in sales today in comparison with 10 years ago.

I took Twitter out of the equation. We did some research and came to conclusion that more businesses are leaving Twitter. This social site’s strategy is based on promoting politics especially the U.S second presidential campaign. Twitter pretends to restrict political campaigns while in reality they rely on paid campaigns by the U.S presidential candidates, American politicians who promote their political party’s campaigns, Hollywood celebrities, sport and entertainment industry. Twitter really doesn’t care about small businesses and better user experience. Their updates are designed on how to serve better the rich companies. Their policy is based on their capitalistic mindset. Businesses cannot make sales and small businesses don’t see a point of having an active account on Twitter when their Twitter account gets constantly shadow banned and suspended. It’s been like this everywhere in Europe and North America. Asians use Tiktok, Russians have their own social channels. Twitter knows it. This is why they care about those who spend money on their social site. The other reason that people dislike to invest on Twitter is that it is easily hackable no matter how strong their passwords are. This has given better chance to their competitors such as: Facebook, Instagram etc. to empower users by creating an environment to do business without hassles.

Some marketers use Twitter because they think they get organic traffic, but those are not human traffic but various bots. I personally blocked all bots on my server and only search engine bots are allowed to crawl my websites. Everything you want to know about your website is on Google search console anyway.

Organic content marketing

SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing will still be trend in 2020. Google A.I has been performing much better than last year and implementing new SEO and content marketing strategies will continue to be trend in 2020. Many social networks have blocked bots which manipulate data including Pinterest, IMDB ( Internet Movie Database) if anybody uses automated system, their A.I algorithm will sandbox the page and it loses its ranking. This is due to implementation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep mind and deep learning into their systems. I recommend marketing automation tools owners make sure their systems are aligned with the current social media and search engine algorithms.

Video marketing:

Many individuals have started their YouTube channels and became active on daily basis. If you want to become a Youtuber, you must post quality and informative content everyday and optimize your videos in order to get picked by YouTube and as a result your videos go viral. The more your videos are educational and entertaining, the easier your video goes get attention. YouTube will no longer allow spammy content and content which is created to generate Adsense money. If they detect it, they disable ads on your channel. YouTube empowers educational videos more than any other videos. This has given companies the chance to target YouTube influencers’ channels to sell their products and services.

Those who are interested in live streaming prefer to use Twitch which is organized by Amazon.

In conclusion  It is fair to say that digital marketing processes are the same every year but strategies and how to implement them is a whole different ball game.


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