Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

It was not long ago that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the stuff of science fiction where computer-based intelligence threatened the existence of mankind. Today, AI has proven to be a far more benign presence whose applications are used in businesses both small and large around the world. The future of AI in workplace is now and the impact which was once thought to be well into the future has already arrived. How can AI technology help companies to achieve their potential? The truth is technology should automate the work processes and help employees to solve complex problems in various companies. By implementing AI and machine learning on digital processes, we will be getting the best results.

How AI Works

Artificial intelligence combined with deep learning helps employees organize their work processes. The goal is to make for faster and more efficient productivity combined with easier analysis of data so that flaws can be spotted and improvements made which impact sales.

Right now, most companies have data analytic methods which are not user-friendly and often filled with glitches that can alter the perception of the information. Even more disturbing is that many larger companies are still using old, outdated data from their intranet systems that makes them out-of-touch with today’s world.

Unfortunately, these companies use outdated, unreliable methods because of the false belief that they are saving money. However, the result is a loss in productivity as they spend more time on work processes that have system and server errors which increase down time. Even internal phone systems that use this old technology often do not function properly which only makes things worse. In their goal of saving a few bucks, many companies forgo the modern tools that would help their businesses become more productive.

Fear of Artificial Intelligence 

Elon Musk installed fear of A.I, gamed tech world and they bought it. He gets A.I there is no doubt about it, but there is an agenda behind all these fear of AI mumbo jumbos. Musk is a businessman just like Donald Trump. These guys came to power for a reason and they all are opportunistic.Musk has watched too much Hollywood Anti-robots sci-fi movies which blurred his view on AI and robotics.

Take Google as an example. The company has hired almost every interesting AI and machine-learning company over the last few years. It bought DeepMind for $650 million. They built the Google Brain team to work on A.I. Google hired Geoffrey Hinton, a British pioneer in artificial neural networks; and Ray Kurzweil, who has predicted that we are only 28 years away from the Rapture-like “Singularity”. It’s in Larry Page’s blood and Google’s DNA to believe that A.I. is their destiny.

In my opinion there is an agenda (which generates profit for these rich people) behind fear of AI which these guys are spreading on the Internet. Every time this subject is discussed a product has been promoted.

I must say that there is no reason to worry, because we build robots that will work with us. We program robots and give input data to machine learning in order to do what we want it to do for us. It all starts with us how to train a robot to work for us. Then the machine will learn over time to perform a task in workplace.

AI is misunderstood and fearing of AI is against technological advancement.

We can create ethics and industry standards or testing when it comes to programming AI robotics. I read an Anti-AI article that “genetic diversity will be wiped out“. I have been wondering if these people were on drugs or drunk when they wrote these articles? We program AI in healthcare and how it develops genetic diversity. Gene-tweaking doesn’t have anything to do with AI fails healthcare. It is a revolution in genetics. What’s wrong with that? We program AI to reduce the risks of diseases. Misusing gene therapy when it goes wrong is human’s fault and not machine. We program the machine, remember? When it comes to AI is stealing our jobs, i disagree. AI automates processes and heavy work which hurts human workers.

Why the Future of AI in Workplace is Today?

When you think about the companies that do not have the right tables and chairs of proper ergonomic design which only cause aches and pains to employees, causing them to miss work, you can see how productivity can be negatively affected. Simple things like that hurt the bottom line for companies, but many do not realize their full impact. It is this type of thinking across the board combined with data analysis that lacks the impute of AI which has them often making the wrong decisions. It is little wonder that so many companies go bankrupt.

AI manages to oversee many of the data tools that are used to collect information so that the results are more accurate. This results in companies improving their financial standing, budget, and make the right business decisions. Consider the impact of AI on recruiting processes when the right data is fed into the system. The result is that the right person is highlighted for the job, making the job of HR easier in selecting the best candidate. Right now, 99% of recruiting application systems are using outdated software that often provides the wrong result. It’s little wonder that you see the same job application all over again.

Because artificial intelligence makes the decision-making process better thanks to providing the right information, the future will be for businesses that embrace AI technology which creates better data to make the best-informed decisions.


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