What Multilingual Digital Marketing Means for Business

I had a radio show interview in New York and was surprised that the talk show host didn’t know much about multilingual digital marketing. Then I remembered when I made this term a trend in digital marketing and SEO communities a few years ago. It never came to my mind that people, stream media, journalists and companies in various niches may not know the potential of it and how to jump start their multilingual digital marketing campaigns. Although I published a book about it and explained my tried and true strategies, but not everyone reads nonfiction books, so not all people would know how it works.  For any online business that can sell its products globally, multilingual digital marketing will be a big part of their selling efforts. Of course, not every business is suited for this form of marketing, but in 2017 the push to expand into new areas of the world will increase as the competition tightens.

What Multilingual Digital Marketing means for Business

For businesses that are currently struggling because of the competition found in their home languages, it means an opening of new, large areas of interested customers who speak different languages. By tapping into new markets, a business may see its customer base skyrocket depending on how well they can advertise their products into these areas.


There are several advantages that multilingual marketing offers businesses that are seeking new customers from parts of the world that speak a different language. The challenges are present, such as effective translation that appears natural, but the potential in 2017 is considerable.

New Markets: The first and foremost benefit is that your product is being introduced to an entirely new audience. If what you offer is unique, then you have a considerable opportunity to expand your business with little to no direct competition. However, even if you are marketing familiar products, you are most often facing less competition which makes it easier to sell.

Global SEO Outreach: Adding more languages to good, solid content means boosting your presence on search engines. This means more opportunities for higher search engine rankings which in turn boosts your efforts at home as well.

Better Conversion Rate: New markets are generally easier to sell if your translation is good and natural. This means that your website has the appearance of being written by someone who is native or fluent to the language. The more the language looks like it originated from a native or fluent speaker, the better your sales conversion will be.

Why It is Useful for eCommerce, governments and Industries

In 2017, multilingual digital marketing offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to expand their eCommerce efforts. For one-person online businesses, it represents a powerful opportunity to get past the heavily competitive local markets and tap into emerging middle-class areas in China, Nordic countries, South America, Middle East and India where the need for new products is growing daily.

By tapping into these locations, you are vastly improving your chances to expand the customer base and even generate ideas for new products based on the feedback you receive.

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Perhaps the most important method of multilingual digital marketing is finding those interested in your products who have yet to become customers. It is far easier to sell someone that is already interested rather than throw out a broad net of advertising and hope for the best. Effective multilingual digital marketing means generating leads by finding those who find what you have interesting and something they have been searching for in their own markets.

Effective lead generation will be a big part of why 2017 will see an expansion of multilingual marketing efforts that reach into new areas of the world. It will take good translation services and a sensible marketing approach, but the result will be maximizing the opportunities for businesses to expand their customer base.