Tips About Shaping Your Small Business

Running a business is not easy. You need to program your brain, your future and reinvent yourself if you want to be successful in business. When you decide to start a business, you read a lot of success stories and visulize yourself to be one of them some day. I have been behind digital marketing processes of many successful businesses in Europe and Noth America.

Successful people do not tell you the exact recipe of their success. Their stories about their wealth and abundance does not say anything about how they got there.  You read a lot of stories and biographies about these men and women’s lives. What really happened behind the scenes is a mystery.

Why some people become successful and some don’t. There are people who are smarter than them and still are not discovered by the right investors.

Some of these people were at the right time and with a little bit of luck, they got rich. Take Facebook as an example, a simple hack to Harvard university’s database got the guy who happened to know Mysql and PHP programming a multibillionaire. Some investors and opportunists explored Facebook, saw the potential,invested on it and made it a multibillion dollar business. Mark Zuckerberg had powerful people who helped him to get the business off the ground.

Take Google as another example. It was a simple search engine just like the others in early days. They used a series of lucrative “marketing” strategies. Google hired students like me to market their search engines on different channels. People like me and some other contractors kept writing on  mIRC and pc game channels this phrase “Google it!” and a lot of other phrases. They flourished when Yahoo search engine was at the unbeatable success and glory. Nobody could even think of their failure a few years later.

Back to Google. We promoted Google search engine everywhere at school, during computer games, you name it. We made Google search engine a trend.We made Google to become big.Today they declare they want to be the mind of God! With power comes evil. We all know it.

Google changes their algorithm in order to make more money. Being an organic search engine is not profitable for Google. It’s funny how no one ever really talks about Adwords being Google’s biggest revenue generator.

How do we get our businesses off the ground, you may ask. I remember one of Tony Robbins ‘s motivational lectures. He said: “ if you read the  story of big and successful businesses, they started their business during economic depression and recession. They had the guts to start up a business that no one else dared to do and they became successful.” He is right,but there is more to it. Without having the right connection, you get to nowhere. If you don’t have the right connection, you have to make plan and see who has the power to get you where you need to be. Sometimes powerful people are the ones who pretend to be nobody, but they are the decision making people.


The Alignment Of Projecting Three Transmitters That Shape Your Small Business 

 We have conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.  We should know our unconscious mind and clear our subconscious. Because if we do not do it, they undo the things that we are doing consciously.Everything depends on how we look at things. We have to be ethical in life. Not all rules are designed based on morality. In some countries, some rules are immoral but if you break them, it will be considered immorality and they punish you.

You are projecting 3 transmitters: conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Get straight with yourself, clear your subconscious and know your conscious. When you do that then you’re align with your conscious and subconscious. When you are on that alignment then you don’t need to suffer from future problems.You need to understand the next thing to unfold, be present with it and love it. Be always prepared.

Visualize your success and it comes to life.

Maria Johnsen