Domain Clustering a Problem that Google Should Fix

One of the issues that face many small online business owners who are trying to break their websites out on the market is domain clustering. While starting an online business has many advantages in being low cost and access to a worldwide marketplace,one disadvantage is that you have to complete with hundreds, perhaps thousands of other businesses in your same field.

Another disadvantage however is the tactic of domain clustering which makes it difficult to separate your efforts from your competitors. Domain clustering is one of those annoyances that can actually make your efforts on the internet less productive because it confuses potential customers and drives down business.

What is domain Clustering?

Essentially, domain  clustering is when a domain ranks for particular types of keywords that show up in the first 10 pages of search engine results. So, for webmasters who have been able to get one of their websites ranked for a particular keyword in the first ten pages, they can clutter up the results for other, more legitimate websites that offer unique, original information.


Domain clustering is one of the biggest issues in Google search engine for those who focus their efforts on search engine optimization or seo. The practice of domain clustering, while legal is certainly underhanded and only serves to clutter up search results pages where potential customers would overlook legitimate online sources for the information that they seek.

While domain clustering is generally limited to the more popular keywords, they can be used against specific keywords of a particular website or interest that can force down their business. For example, if a particular online site would normally rank highly for a particular keyword or key phrase, then domain clustering could be used to drive that site down in the rankings by cluttering up the results with dozens or more web pages containing the same keyword or key phrase.

How to Solve Domain Clustering

Although many people have come forward with different solutions to this particular issue, one of the best methods so far discussed is having Google place a code into the mix that indexes the main page for a particular keyword and ignore the rest. In this case, other domains will still rank for the same keyword, but one domain will not rank in the very first 10 pages on the first page or the first 10 pages.

This keeps websites which are focused on a particular keyword and use it in their main, index page a greater chance of being ranked highly as opposed to websites that merely include the keyword in a less prominent area of their website.

However, while Google does try to solve all the major issues concerning their search ranking system, it is not known whether they will act quickly and decisively on domain clustering. Until they do, there is little that legitimate websites can do about this phenomenon other than reporting spam or illegal sites that use these keywords or key phrases in order to cut down on the sheer number of sites that are interfering with their legitimate search engine ranking.


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