Google Core Web Vitals Algorithm

Google announced  the launch of a new change in its algorithm and called it “broad core algorithm update”, which means that possibly curves are coming. It should be noted that the changes are made day by day, but only two or three times a year are transcendental. For this reason, we must be aware of the updates they make and act in favor of our site. An algorithm change means new rules. Some websites benefit, others suffer underperformance. Marketers and SEO specialists should focus on three work areas to adjust their keyword positioning strategies. In addition, one thing that has been proven is that this change is linked to the rankings and positioning content and user experience.

To do this, one of the elements to take into account is the search intention. The user’s behavior has changed; therefore, their way of searching has become different from the previous years. Thus, the demand and search intention must be more fluid. We saw an example during the pandemic. User searches were altered entirely, and Google knew how to adapt to it with its results.

For brands, this means being much more flexible and quick to adapt to changes and seize opportunities. On the other hand, local SEO will remain of utmost importance. Users are no longer interested in seeing which restaurants are on X site but instead want to know the one next to where they are.

Core Google Algorithm Update

In December 2020, Google released an update to its algorithm. We consider that this update has been one of the most interesting to analyze based on its implementation: many sites showed considerable drops in their traffic but ended up recovering it, and vice versa. This had something to do with a signal or signals that fall in a cascade effect, that is, where the initial change caused a result that, in turn, produced others.

If the moment is taken into account, this being the major algorithm update, and how the implementation is related to the indexing of passages, it is very likely that this is related to the content interpretation systems and not to links or signals in that sense. Another update called Core Web Vitals was in May 2021, so there are elements to back that up in the update, but those would not produce the impact that we have all currently been seeing, given that Web Vitals should be technically inert. As a sign at this stage, at the very least, there would be more updates to come in 2021.

There are three important  ‘Core Web Vitals’ metrics which have something to do with  the Page experience factors; page loading, page responsiveness, and page visual stability. Google search engine  measures each of them for pages on a website and gives a status of ‘Poor’, ‘Needs improvement’ or ‘Good’.

Multilingual SEO page analysis

Knowing who your main competitors are, we conduct SEO analysis of competitors’ pages, including information about keywords and meta descriptions. We find keywords and phrases in 18 languages ​​that your competitors use for SEO and pay-per-click advertising. Competitors keyword information is very valuable for planning your advertising campaigns in other languages. Be aware that translations of keywords into another language may not match highly ranked keywords in a given country. It is imperative to check keywords or phrases with expert SEO before launching ad campaigns.

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