Multilingual Online Reputation Management ( ORM)
Reputation Problem Solving

Is someone broadcasting libelous or slanderous statement about you and your business? Did you contact the police authorities, lawyers and search engine companies but none were able to help you? Sometimes a defamer is not a client, nor friend or an acquaintance. He is an offender who is after your brand and name to hurt you for the sake of his own amusement. Don’t worry. We can help!

Back in 2013 we applied qualitative and quantitative research study and finally developed an artificial intelligence (A.I) system to not only outrank your defamers but also track down anonymous offenders who hide themselves behind nicknames to hurt your reputation and business. We track down their Internet service providers ( ISP). It doesn’t matter how many cross IPs they use to hide their identities, we find them and reveal their identities to you so that you take a legal action.

Strategic Intelligence 

There are many companies who claim that they can fix your online reputation problem. None of them are telling you the truth. They push down bad reviews but they will come  in search engine results. They show you when the contract is done that they have fixed the issue. But these bad reviews will appear again. We have a better solution for your business. We have developed an artificial intelligence (A.I) and machine learning algorithm to fix the issue. If you need help contact us.

Legal Rights

What are your rights within European Union?

Based on the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2014, if you feel that information you have found about yourself on a search engine is inadequate, irrelevant you have the right to request the search engines to remove it or as it’s known you have the ‘right to be forgotten’. However it is very diffiuclt to process because of various complex defamation cases. Search engines base their decisions on the criteria given by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Countries outside EU have no better situation than those within EU. Without technical processes which we provide, you won’t be able to get rid of your offenders.

Multilingual Online Reputation Management

We support English ( American English and British English) Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish,Spanish, Icelandic, German and French languages

We offer online reputation management in local and global search engines. If your language is not English, we run a campaign using one of the above languages.
Our online reputation campaigns are customizable. If you want us only rank your pages and not to fight back against your defamer, we do that too.You must mention it when you hire us for your project.

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