How A Multilingual SEO Company Should Operate

These days everybody calls himself or herself  international SEO expert or multilingual seo company.They use unethical tactics, rank their sites for certain terms on Google, then promote their so called “SEO expertise” on social media. Multilingualism doesn’t belong to any country or race. A multilingual SEO company can be located in Nigeria or Poland. A multilingual SEO company’s consultants should know several languages and have expertise in programming, search engine optimization, social media marketing and sales. Hiring a translator doesn’t make your company a multilingual seo entity. A multilingual SEO agency should follow code of conduct and behave on social media. Trashing other SEO companies on social media backfires. People don’t buy from a so called SEO company who acts like a demented circus monkey on social media and tries to bully SEO experts just because he is jealous of their wealth of knowledge and success. Morality and professionalism is a must for every business. When a company acts childish and bothers SEOs on Twitter with rubbish tweets, comments and spam, he not only is digging his own business grave, but also hurts reputation of his employees. He is making his employees to engage in unethical behavior on social media. When his employees are marked as defamers on social media, they won’t get a job at any other places. It’s hard to get a job these days.

Being a multilingual expert means you have earned knowledge and experience in the business. Just writing a keyword on your website  and using blackhat to rank it for keyword “multilingual SEO” doesn’t make you expert.

I have worked on more than 6000 multilingual ecommerce websites and ranking a website in several languages is hard. First you  must build targeted backlinks, then write content and so on.

Using black hat doesn’t make you expert. That ranking will disappear. Trashing SEOs on Twitter doesn’t make you an expert either. When you tweet spam on social media you are proving to prospects that you are a wrong choice for their business. Besides when someone does that, it means he doesn’t have project and is frustrated. That is why he ‘s bothering other SEOs on social media.

It’s simply not possible to give step by step advice when it comes to either international SEO or multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is because while you might be familiar with the language, you do not know the sales and marketing pattern of the country being targeted. Also, you do not know local SEO, the local use of the language or the slang words commonly used in the market which will make your efforts ineffective.

Why Local SEO Experts Work for You

Executing a multilingual SEO campaign without intimate knowledge of the local language and culture will most often be detrimental to your Return of Investment (ROI). There are those who preach about the importance of international SEO and then give advice which can be very dangerous to implement because they do not have the right knowledge of the local language and customs. When getting the wrong advice about how to market your goods and services to another country that has a different language and customs, it’s not a mistake that you can easily recover. For those who are giving such advice, you must learn that effectively marketing in another language and customs requires local knowledge. Otherwise, you can really set back your customer’s efforts, perhaps for a very long time to come.

Hiring a multilingual SEO expert is beneficial and cost effective.

SEO is more than just writing a bunch of rehashed articles, dummy diagrams and marketing yourself as an expert. Instead, because every project is different when it comes to marketing in other countries, standard practices that are posted online should be ignored and instead the focus should be on getting the right people who know the location, language and customs.

Today, many SEO companies including those who arrange conferences and charge quite a bit for link buying campaigns on their sites. They talk about multilingual SEO while being ignorant of one important fact! A local business will not let a foreign business become their competitor unless they know the culture, language and local trends. Even then, you will still need local  SEO, sales and marketing parameters in place in order to become successful.


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