The Benefits of Being Specific With SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a must-do for all website owners with various reasons underlying why each person want SEO done on their sites. 60% of website owners know they need SEO and actually take the step of looking for a consultant but many times there is inability to particularly express their needs which could be either due to not knowing what exactly is needed to be done or just the confusion.

When business owners look for search engine optimization for their organic listing, they may come across some claims about SEO. For example it has become a trend in SEO communities not to promise ranking in Google first page. Most of these people publish such claims on certain websites and pay between $500 to $4000 per article so that their content stay on these websites. I am not on these websites and seminars because I don’t pay for such things nor am I buddy with any of them. It’s cheating and unnatural to be praised this way. Recognition should happen naturally otherwise somewhere you get busted and that will hurt your reputation. (Read my article about media to understand how true publicity works.)

Here are some irrelevant claims that confuse businesses.

They say that good SEO expert or company will not promise Google ranking.They say fake SEO consultants or company promise you first page.

Those who claim such things do not know search engine algorithm’s pattern.

A True SEO Expert Knows Exactly How Long it Does Take to Rank Your Website For Your Chosen Keyword. Here is why:

Back in 2012 after Google’s dramatic algorithm update,I found out that we cannot promise clients about Google ranking for certain amount of time.  So i did spread the word about it online including social media channels. Then all these websites rehashed my content and it became a trend since then. They wrote and still write that “you should not promise people about Google ranking if you do, you are not a real seo expert.”

Time’s changed now, Google and other search engines have evolved. We should tell our clients about turnaround and guarantee keyword ranking in Google. If you can’t do it, then find another job and leave SEO work to real SEO experts.

An experienced SEO expert knows exactly how to rank a website in Google’s first page and gives you an exact turnaround. This does not mean that they use black hat or unethical seo professionals.

I mean think about it,you pay an SEO expert or media company to get your site in Google first page. If they don’t know how to rank your website and don’t guarantee ranking, why would you buy from them?

Does this mean you should buy from whoever promises you first page Google ranking? No. In this article I explained what to ask from an SEO expert in order to determine who is the right man or woman for the job.  You have to ask the right questions.

I get a lot of questions about SEO via social media and my own websites from different businesses in various countries. I let them know exactly how long it does take to get a keyword ranked in certain search engines. How do i know it? Because i am a search engine programmer and i know search engines’ patterns. I look at the domain and calculate how long it does take for such domain to be ranked in Google’s first page. I have ranked many websites including penalized domains after recovering them from penalization of course. I know what it takes to recover them and how to rank them. If I find out a website cannot be ranked in certain amount of time, i don’t accept the project. All my clients refer me to each other. This is why I seldom pay for paid advertisement.

The reason that many companies and content marketing people write articles about fake SEO claims is that many of these companies are not familiar with search engine algorithm pattern and behavior. They don’t know how it works. So why would you pay these people to work on your website? It’s like throwing your money away in Google adwords without using it correctly. You make Google rich and lose money. It’s better to pay for SEO and get the site ranked organically. Not all websites are suitable for Google Adwords PPC though.  If you own a web shop with good items that solves a problem or need, then use Google Adwords and hire an expert to increase sales.

We know exactly how many links a website needs to rank for certain keyword or key phrase in Google, Bing and yahoo. It is like building a house, when you ask an engineer, he tells you how long it will take to get it done. In our area, we get strong winds, rain and heavy snow. So any sudden changes can jeopardize the engineering project, but our engineers and architects give an estimation of when the house gets done. These experts tell exactly when the house is ready.

SEO comes with experience, just like any other business. Google and all other search engines keep changing their algorithms, a good seo on a website won’t get affected by these modifications.

Some say that “one time SEO” won’t work. Well, this is a myth. A good “one time SEO job” will keep a website for even up to 2 years in Google’s first page. So yes, you can ask an SEO expert to do a onetime SEO job for you.

Just calling in and asking for SEO without specifics makes it difficult for consultants to know exactly what is needed for any website. There are many reasons why search engine optimization ( SEO) can be done on a website as listed below:

  • Since search engines constantly refine their algorithms for productive search results that can affect website ranking, owners through successful SEO strategies bait search engine spiders to frequently visit their website so that their web pages are indexed among the top in search results.
  • Some clients needing SEO do so to market their products and services on internet. They optimize their website for search engines, making it both eligible for higher ranking, and for promotion over the vast web space.
  • SEO builds a bridge for the specific potential buyers of products and services to visit a website for successful sale.
  • Branding is another reason why websites get popularized by SEO. With plenty of time and the right SEO skills, your website can be endorsed over the web thereby scaling new heights of popularity.

For these many diverse reasons for getting SEO work done on any website, it would be vague to just tell your SEO consultant you need SEO without specifically telling what exactly you need it done for.There are questions you should be asking your consultant based on both your specific needs and for a generally great job.

  • For any great SEO job, Keywords are the beginning of the process. Therefore ask your SEO consultant for the best keywords he intends to use from the ones you supplied. Using Keyword research tool, he would be able to choose the best from your whole suggestions.
  • Another question which you can ask is if the links to be built would be natural and ethical since those are the only types recognized by search engine. Also the question of how long it would take to build those links would also be crucial. Link building which is a vital part of SEO takes a while especially if they are natural links. Promises of an overly quick link building are very suspicious.
  • You might also need to ask how long it would be to get to search engine page one.

Good SEO can generate page one results by between four to six months depending on the complexity of the keyword ranking in search engines.

An ethical SEO campaign is necessary for any website looking for specific groups of people to buy products and service and meet their original reason for wanting SEO done in the first place either for sales, branding, and consistent ranking or for whatever other reason. Getting a good consultant is one thing, being specific with what needs to be done and therefore asking the right questions in that line is another.

Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring An SEO Expert