How AI and Machine Learning Will Impact Content in SEO

Advancements in Artificial intelligence have had significant effects on various sectors and aspect of human endeavors. More than ever, AI’s effects have been felt very strongly in the past few years.

The role of SEO in marketing cannot be trivialized. SEO has evolved tremendously throughout the years. It began with very simplistic operations like the landing page optimization and other related procedures to the more advanced operations.  Currently, SEO procedures entail an unrelenting adjustment of innumerable contents in the bid to captivate prospective audiences across an extensive variety of devices and platforms.

Even though SEO processes have evolved tremendously, its fundamental instruments are still constant. One still utilizes contents with relevant keywords and meta tag optimization. To deliver very efficient outcomes, SEO‘s operations encompasses marketing on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and a host of other platforms, as well as search on hand devices.

Interestingly, advancements in AI innovations and apps have facilitated the efficacy of SEO while repositioning it for improved marketing. Google Rankbrain for instance is an AI search algorithm with incredible ability to analyze search results and deliver more applicable search results for users. This makes Rankbrain very relevant.

While there has been extensive deliberations on possible tactics and approaches that will be available in the world of search engine optimization, all of the relevant issues that seem to attract the most attention and concern are explored in this exposition.

Users have always been the number one priority of Google. This is why they often flag sites and implement a robust variety of functions that enhances user experience on Google like the AI prediction spelling in the search field. A few days ago a digital marketing expert asked me a good question. So how in the world Google spots a good content? Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

RankBrain was initiated to enhance the efficacy of Hummingbird functionality. In the bid to enhance user experience, RankBrain construes the environment from which the content exists and then offers pages that renders the result of search query with a content which is the closest answer to that search query.

There are more than 450 million Google search queries on daily basis.

Google Natural Language Understanding Team embrace the following areas: sentence structure, dialogue, discussion, polyglot tailoring, emotion exploration, query answering, summarizing, and largely developing improved learners via labeled data, high-tech modeling, supervised and secondary supervision.

Form the aforesaid it becomes clear that Hummingbird algorithm is being equipped to transcend the comprehension of semantics. It is expected that Hummingbird will be able comprehend ideas and emotions as well.

Search engine optimization experts should uncover the possible effects of RankBrain. This can be achieved by concentrating on SERPs and see which method works better. Just blindly following the old SEO processes which many SEO companies in Asia do, doesn’t cut it. 99% of western media companies outsource their SEO projects to Asia. Because it is cheaper and this is how they get their clients’ websites penalized. I still see plenty websites with pop-ups which block content.

Search engines possess an artificial instinct that prioritizes user’s operations while enhancing user ability to enter various websites.  Google is very concerned with ensuring that users get amazing service. The introduction of Pigeon algorithm has enhanced local search, this algorithm eliminates webpages with excessive ads that slows down the accessibility of user to the website. Google’s mobile algorithm ensures mobile friendly websites ranks higher. Then again Google created a new algorithm which penalizes websites especially mobile sites that use pop-ups. These pop-ups block content.  I personally like this algorithm very much. I alway click away from websites with pop-ups in the middle of page which blocks content. JUst like many other algorithms, Google made the right move by implementing it in search system.

A while ago, the introduction of Panda and Penguin were initiated to ensure the topnotch content and topnotch links which are important factors for ranking. These algorithms effectively lowered the pervasiveness of inferior content and links.

In the bid to have enhanced user experience, it is expected that digital marketers focus on a better user experience and high quality of customer service.

To achieve the feat of having accurate links on your site, you will have to implement the following:

  • Reduce the rate of links that leads to your site from similar fields.
  • Create backlinks that connects with dependable sites,
  • Detect and associate with influencers in order to bolster your likes from social networks. Yes. Influncer marketing is important in digital marketing processes.

The Role of Big Data

Google made the effort to integrate a variety of data, information websites and platforms and this is how Google introduced The Knowledge Graph. The goal was to make a staggering body of infinite information available on one source. While it doesn’t hold all the information, it offers immediate connection to various information based sites and sources.

Uniformity of info on all of the sites and sources is expected. Similarly, social media information was expected to be provided as well and shown.

The prospects of AMP are becoming bigger as its efficacy on mobile devices will be felt by many . There is a whopping 44% of people all over the world have intelligent mobile devices and AMP is already being incorporated by many companies. This is why Google search engine created an algorithm to spot a better mobile sites free from pop ups and ads.

Accelerated Mobile Page ( AMP) is an open-source website publishing technology aimed at enhancing web content and ads. More so, AMP has the capacity to give relevant replies to inquiries, dispatch a verbalized email, offer guides when looking for a location or establishment. AMP has shown a lot of prospects in the area of being able to enhance driving and has become a very valuable tool in that regard.

Voice Search

With the increasing inclination towards speech and emotion searches, it is expected that SEO specialist investigate users and invent suitable SEO plans that gives improved ranking.  This means you should explore through voice search which keywords and phrases are beneficial for your clients, then use them so your client gets the results s/he wants. However, you should understand that voice search is in its infancy and deosn’t understand the dialects, but use it anyway. It is another way of helping clients to reach the results they want.

Video Marketing 

Video is content in form of audio and visual. The emergence of video is expected to propel companies in the direction of video material. This type of marketing helps with brand recognition, search engine ranking and brand awareness. Down the line, it also helps with landing some sales.

Unlike other social networks that have started to accommodate video posting, YouTube is particularly formidable with a lot of potential for unremitting content especially since YouTube is dedicated to videos.

Potential of Virtual Reality   

Virtual reality opens remarkable prospects for marketers as they now have heightened accessibility and an increased capacity to create unforgettable content.

Virtual reality is an innovative advancement that has engendered a lot of conversations in the world of technology. Its amazing functionalities and features are already being explored by Facebook and it is expected that similar networks will harness this innovation as well. More than any other section, companies, marketers, and social media influencers are fascinated by the applicability of Virtual Reality and have begun to explore its potential in relation to their field.

While there are extensive blends of digital marketing tactics available to specialists, the best approach remains to meet the needs of users. This is particularly important since emerging AI apps and innovations are tailored to meet the desires of users.

Thanks to advancement of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, many A.I tools are created which are designed with machine learning and machine intelligence. These A.I content marketing tools can help marketers to create content that search engines love. In fact many online magazines and newspapers are using these kind of AI tools and feed search engines especially Google with information. These kind of content creation work like human, you give them the keyword or key phrase, they analyze and understand the context of your topic. Then the software will rewrite the text using NLP engine for multi-level semantic identification and verify its readability. Many companies are using A.I content creation tools.


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