How to Supercharge Your Private Blog Network PBN

Link building SEO is crucial in search engine optimization. Many SEO businesses implement private blog network in their link building SEO campaigns . A Private Blog Network  is a network of high authority blogs  which is used to build links to your business websites for the purpose of getting higher ranking in Google. There are many independent PBN providers on micro outsourcing and outsourcing websites who offer link building via PBN. However many of them fail to deliver the right results and their BPNs are not as effective as they should be. They spend several hundreds of dollars on their private blog networks but the majority of these providers are not doing it right. They waste their own time and clients’ time.

Improving BPN

SEO companies are spending huge amount of money on monthly basis on PBN. I am not going to tell you how to build your PBN. There is a wide array of advice online about how to make your private blog network or seek providers who make them for you. This article is mainly a reminder to private blog network providers who are not doing it right and hurt their own business and clients ‘campaigns.

Individuals in the 3rd world countries especially South and North East Asia and some from Russia and Ukraine with little knowledge of SEO and search engine programming pay some PBN creators to build their private blog networks. When the job is done, they create eye-catching landing pages filled with fake ranking and graphs. The content of these pages sound American filled with American slangs and expressions. This helps them to land customers on outsourcing websites and black hat forums.  They charge them top dollar. These naïve SEO companies who obtained their own customers via email marketing and Pay Per Click, believe in these providers ‘services and buy their BPN for their clients. After a few weeks waiting and hoping that now their customers’ keywords are getting ranked in Google, they see no results. Do they pay attention to what is wrong? No.

Creating a PBN requires a lot of time, money and investment which cost between $1500 – $6000 depending on the size of the network. Then they have to pay between $300- $2000 a month to maintain their PBN.  You have to understand that every Network takes same time and energy as running an ordinary SEO campaign on ordinary websites.  The majority of businesses do not know the amount of time spent in search engine optimization processes. So our job is to educate them so they understand SEO experts are hardworking people who spend between 11 to 14 hours a day on a SEO project.

Based on my testing the majority of  PBN providers’ treat PBN network like article directories. None of them are PBN.

Below are some improvement suggestions for Private Blog Network providers.

  •  Mix hosts like cloud hosting, shared hosting
  •  Don’t use all in one PBN, publish relevant posts
  •  Avoid low quality content such as spun content
  •  Don’t use identical length for your posts it is not natural
  •  Don’t use the same pattern and the same layout for your PBN
  •  Use the right persona for admin panel.
  •  Use mixed TLDs
  •  Use different registrars
  •  Don’t hide whose information.
  •  Don’t use SEO hosting providers for PBN
  •  Use different applications for PBN
  •  If you’re using WordPress remove the default WP data
  •  Use different layouts for different niches.
  • Mix up your WordPress plugins. Don’t use the same plugin in all your WordPress blogs
  • Improve your network’s social presence
  • Add social signals
  • Build quality links for your PBN
  • Don’t use fake name generator it gives unnatural footprint
  • Don’t use expired domains. The majority of these domains are penalized and those who sell them hide this truth from you. There are some online tools to check link profile of expired domain.
  • Don’t leave a footprint in your PBN.
  • Build links naturally via your PBN
  • Pay Attention to customer’s link pattern ratio. If it’s high blend it with various links or his/her website gets  penalized. (Google Penalty Recovery )
  • Pay Attention to clients’ keyword ratio before accepting the project, don’t go nuts on exact match keywords, blend in some brand keywords and naked URLs. If your client insists on using his money keyword with high ratio, use more variation of keywords in link building to lower the money keyword’s ratio. In my opinion over 30% ratios is dangerous.
  • Monitor back links. If you lose some of tier 2 links replace them otherwise your client loses ranking. For this task you need a system in place otherwise you lose control of back links. You must have control over everything.
  • Provide a reliable support and customer service: Be communicative with clients, they are not in your head, when they ask questions reply on time so they understand what is going on. It is their right to know what you are doing on their websites. Avoid one liner responses when your client asks questions. You must provide a good customer service and support for your clients. If you don’t have time, it’s not their problem, make time for them.
  • Have control over processes

Remember! A good PBN is without a footprint.


It is very important to add quality content to pages and not garbage spun articles. It hurts the quality of your private blog network and your money gets wasted on nothing. Your customers don’t see any results either.

In SEO business, you have to provide quality services otherwise you won’t be able to increase your customers’ base. If your PBN is not done right, you go out of business and your client ‘s site gets penalized. So pay attention to your processes and get your clients quality work.  This way everybody is happy and you get more customers.

There you have it. Any questions? You know where to find me.


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