The Efficacy Of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Digital Marketing

Augmented reality can be explained as a modified and improved display of reality that contains relevant computer generated information and insights that relays what you see from a computer’s perspective.

Essentially, AR is a sophisticated technology that works with the apps in your mobile devices. What it does is to incorporate an added layer of information in the forms of infographics, images, charts, texts and other relevant information to what your camera sees.

AR innovation was introduced in the late 60’s by Ivan Sutherland. This computer expert created virtual data that were layered on the real surroundings. With the pervasiveness of AR innovation, it is expected that it will become a part of many aspects of human endeavors. Interestingly, this content seeks to explore the role of AR innovation in the production sector.

With celebrated global companies and independent developers of the app and social media platforms, AR has encouraged the renovation of our real surroundings into a mesmerizing sphere of engaging virtual reality. Interestingly, AR has shown potentials as an impressive business tool that will facilitate various processes and operations which is evidently seen in client services, sensitization, marketing and more. However, there has not been much evidence of AR being relevant in industrial work operations.

AR technology is relevant as a form of entertainment with potentials to upgrade the gaming experience significantly. Even more so, AR innovation is a powerful instrument for information and insight. The latter has been clearly demonstrated by the Laya app which can be used to gather extra information on whatever it is your mobile came sees. This helps users to get information on important things such as where certain services are located, the price of certain commodities, the location of certain establishments and more.

AR offers tremendous prospects in various areas of business, tourism and more. In a world where there is a constant need for real-time information, AR can reposition individuals and businesses for improved efficiency.

Virtual reality is a 3D computer generated environment which can be interacted by a person. S/he becomes a part of this VR and is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

The integration of AR and VR creates a world in which information is served in the most accessible and actionable form. In digital marketing augmented reality and virtual reality play an important in increasing sales. Give the customers an experience of using your products and services. This way even the most skeptical consumers become interested in buying your goods. As online reviews are fake and affects on buyer’s decision making process. By integrating AR and VR into your marketing and sales processes, consumers won’t be decided by negative fake reviews which your competitors and ex-employees have posted online to hurt your brand and reputation. The implementation of AR and VR is a new way of increasing sales for businesses within dental treatment, plastic surgery, car dealerships, travel and tourism, real estate, fashion and clothing, shoes, software AI tools, online gaming and in such nature. For example in car dealership, companies keep writing one star negative reviews for each other to attract customers to their own business. It is tiresome, costly and frustrating. augmented reality can help people who wish to buy a used car or new car to make a better purchase decision. Many car dealership websites are ecommerce applications that cost around £100.000.


Businesses are losing a tremendous amount of money every year due to defamation and fake reviews against their companies on Google, Yelp and Amazon. Why not giving the prospective clients an experience of using your products? By implementing AR, VR or both, these companies can increase their sales by at least 60%. You all know that increasing sales isn’t easy, ask your marketing directors and sales department. Even in SEO business, you can implement augmented reality for prospects to see how your SEO or social media tool is beneficial in practice.

Given the introduction of VR earphones and shades as well as the number of mobile devices that are beginning to incorporate artificial intelligence technologies, it becomes apparent that AR and AI will soon become an ingrained part of society with significant contributions to the way information is accessed, as well as in various areas of business efforts.

Last year, it was made smarter Review AR which is one of the tools that will propel the advancement of production. This projection is becoming more and more attainable especially with how well AR is being integrated into our daily lives. It is becoming apparent that augmented reality can be easily introduced into production operations and in organizational processes for heightened productivity.

More than ever before, it is apparent that AR will be immensely advantageous to certain areas of the industry. For instance,  AR will be particularly relevant when trying to communicate a variety of directives to employees on field assignments for immediate implementation. The best part is that with AR is designed to offer this information in a way that can easily be understood with older formats of information being upgraded for heightened insight.

The prospects of AR in business is huge and cannot be overstated. Various operations such as the upkeep of equipment, staff directives, staff training, data management and more will be greatly influenced by AR.  The education of staff will be simplified into simple digital learning with AR. Given the existing problems with the coordination and application of large data, AR is poised to reshape and facilitate these processes. When it comes to customer services and product deliveries, AR has tremendous prospects in the areas of local and foreign shipment of goods. Essentially, this tool will be an incredible asset in the area of logistics and planning of bulk shipments. As more ideas seem to emerge about AR innovation, it can be asserted that many more ways in which this technology can be used to facilitate business processes and operations will emerge.


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