SEO Techniques That Your Competitor Hides From You

Whether you run an ecommerce business or an online affiliate marketplace, it is crucial that you focus on increasing your website’s organic presence and traffic on search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has a great potential. There is a misconception about SEO not being predictable or being dead and not working. There are a lot of effective SEO techniques.

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Search engine optimization is an important ingredient in your online marketing campaign.

Like many other businesses search engine optimization has indeed certain technical aspects such as: monitoring keyword and key phrase ranking, analyzing traffic data, analyzing competition in your industry, link building, on page optimization and sharing your company’s news with your members and fans on social media.

Seo requires hours of work in order to give results. Your SEO project cannot be free of charge. Many claim that SEO is too expensive. This is not true. You gain sales and increase in ROI if you use SEO. The truth is that without search engine optimization, your website has lesser chance of being visible on the Internet.

SEO cannot be done in a short amount of time. It takes time and work in order to give results. In fact your businesses do need a team of search engine optimization experts to work on your campaign. It takes time to generate quality back links and your online presence.

Having experts on your side, will assure many important aspects besides ranking your website online.

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Some of those important factors  ( SEO techniques) which many companies especially your competitors don’t want you to know  are:

  • building your online reputation
  •  optimizing your social media campaigns
  • keeping up with your customers and prospects
  • Taking care of malicious activities on social media such as: defamation and tricks your competitors do against your business on social media.

There is an illusion among businesses. They think if they add their websites only on well researched directories, their SEO campaign is solved. For example in Norway, there is a search directory called: “” many businesses especially car salesmen add their campaigns on that directory and think that is enough and the job is done. They are not aware of the fact that they miss a lot of potential customers by not applying  SEO techniques and Pay Per Click campaigns.

The same goes for those who are in hotel, restaurant and travel business. Without optimizing your online business, you lose a huge amount of sales.You must have a team working by your side to handle these processes and as you see it takes time, resilience and hard work.


SEO is one of the steadiest marketing activities and once your website is optimized, it can keep on continuously bringing results for your business. How do you know who is perfect for your SEO campaign? Give them your keywords and ask them to rank your website for those words, if they come up with their own keywords to rank your website, do not hire them. An SEO expert must be able to rank anything online otherwise they are not expert in the industry.

By implementing SEO in your marketing campaign, your website can be found by prospects that are looking for your product and services especially on mobile sites.

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