Stop Malicious Defamation on Social Media

Defamation encompasses the act of making false statements about an individual which damages his or her reputation. The concept concerns defamatory publication, injury to character or reputation and defamation of business or profession.

They use social media to abuse, harass and ruin someone’s reputation. Sometimes competitors use social media to hurt a company or individual’s brand reputation by writing negative and irrelevant comments on their wall.

There are various laws and regulations in different countries. With the increase of online defamation, many people and organizations are subjected to defamation as it is the easiest method to spread negativity against an individual or company’s reputation.Many businesses do not have time to file a lawsuit against these troublemakers. I believe they should put a priority on their list and do something about it. Why? You spend time and money on advertising and promoting your products or services. You should not allow a punk to ruin your reputation just because he has a bad hair day or simply is bored and choose you and your company as a target.


Why Should We Put a Stop To Malicious Defamation Affecting Companies And People?

We must put an immediate halt to the damaging effects of defamation. Many people without thinking clearly write whatever they want about whoever they want on social media without realizing the damages they make by writing these false comments about a person or company.

Malicious defamation can be seen on social media such as: Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter by many people.  Some of these individuals are not clients or prospects or even acquaintances. Their purpose is simply to damage the person or company. They have bad intention such as: racism or the person could be an angry competitor who creates an account under an anonymous fake name whose intention is nothing but damaging your brand.

It’s important that professional companies and bloggers keep an eye on such comments and people.Ignoring these negative comments, may not be the right solution. If you write any comment, the case will be worse. The best option is to fill a lawsuit against the individual in order to give him/her a good lesson not to commit such an online crime ever again.

Malicious defamatory should not be taken lightly. Those who apply malicious defamation such as: Increment of hate, racism, malicious falsehood, slander and libel must be prosecuted and punished.


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