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Hacked Website Recovery

Website Security Service

You are landed on this page because your website got hacked and lost ranking of many keywords and phrases. The intruder hijacked many of your pages and implemented Cross-site scripting (XSS) into your website's pages. In this era of technological advancement, the number of e-commerce websites are on the rise and many people would rather shop online than buying from a physical store. Unfortunately hacking, data crime and credit card fraud have been increasing for both website visitors and ecommerce owners.Hackers steal sensitive and private information from these websites. It is the duty of ecommerce owners to make sure that their websites are safe and secure. It requires implementation of web security processes.

My name is Maria Johnsen and I am a white hat hacker and search engine optimizer. I have closed more than 6000 projects worldwide since 2008 including SEO, software projects for well known IT companies and banks in Norway, China and the UK as well as cooperated with government and the police authorities in projects related to data crime and tracing terrorist online. I know 18 human languages and some machine languages. I am familiar with many hacking methods which intruders use to abuse and misuse businesses information and governments' data. Explore my services as listed below.

Hacked Website Recovery

Securing Website From Hackers

Are you worried about your business reputation and need a quick and quality fix? I am here to help you out. First I diagnose the problem and after finding out what can be wrong, I fix it in 24 hours. I get back your website online with lost URLS. If you wish to rank your keyword I will make it happen.Hacking is a common problem due to massive use of 3rd party plugins and security loopholes. One will fix your hacked website or blog.

Fixing Hacked Website And Malware Removal Processes

Repair Google blacklist (for SEO)
Repair malware notification from google (red screen)
Repair redirecting pages to other sites
Repair phishing notice
Scan and remove all malware or malicious codes

Security Fixes

User Accounts Security
User Login Security
User Registration Security
Database Security
File System Security
Blacklist Functionality
Firewall Functionality
Brute force login attack prevention
Comment SPAM Security
Front-end Text Copy Protection
SSL installation (If you have ssl licence) and optimization for SEO
Repairing Theme vulnerabilities including base64 code and invalid javascript.
Password protecting robot.txt
Rank your keyword or phrases
Malware Removal From Wordpress, Joomla,HTML, Drupal, Magento , Microsoft .Net, Oscommerce, vBulletin, phpBB

My requirement from you after making the payment

- Brief me on what happened to your website
- Send me FTP username and passwords
- Cpanel username and password
- PHPMYAdmin access (optional)
- Your money keyword which you need to rank in Google
- For extra fee i find the hacker for you and reveal his identity (optional)

Securing Website From Hackers

A case study: How I Recovered A Hacked Website And Optimized It for Search Engines

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