This Land of Streams

Spiritual, Friendship, Romantic and World Event Poems...


This book contains some of Maria Johnsen's poems in various categories such as: spiritual poems, romantic poems, love poems, friendship poems and world event poems.


She has been writing poems, screenplays, articles and stories since  childhood. Thank you for your emails, positive feedbacks, support and encouragements.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Moving and Inspirational February 5, 2014

By Chameleon

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"The collection of poems in This Land of Streams: Spiritual, Friendship, Romantic and World Event Poems were deeply moving and inspirational. I felt a power consume me - especially while reading the spiritual poems. It is clear that the author, Maria Johnsen, has lots of experience in writing poetry and has become very skilled with her words.

Anyone who is seeking some peace or solace through literature - this is a great way to reach that. The topics covered are extremely dynamic and cover all kinds of relationships between people. Whether friendship, romantic, or spiritual, there is something that you can connect with.

It will change the way you view the world. For me the poetry makes me calmer and more appreciative of others in my life. My worldview about the Earth and its people has widened a great deal, and This Land of Streams has contributed in a huge way."

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This Land Of Streams - poetry by Maria Johnsen

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