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Romantic poems

Maria Johnsen Romantic poems

Dream of you ...

Last night at middle hour
I dreamed of you who whispered on my pillow
Your face still fair as peach tree flower,
half shy ,half glad,
you 'd go away but stop to stay.
I woke up and find the dream so sad
A grief not to allay.

The celebration of love....

Each night i long for you till the frost fogs fades through the valley of stars
Won't you feel cold to think of me in a lonely place?
My thoughts stretches endlessly my grief wretches endlessly.
Come to me and feel my breath of love. so we can celebrate
our union under the sky of the northern star.

Farewell my Friend

Here is the place to say good bye
you drift like lonely thistledown
with floating cloud you 'll float away
Like parting day I'll part from you
you wave your hand and go your way
my heart won't sink with sinking sun
the wind blows my sadness away
although it can't go along way
Be away ,away my sailing single cloud
cause you ' v never been by my side!


I can 't get drunk for broken is my heart

I lean upon my pillow by flickering light ,
drowned in the grief of lonely night.
whom may i tell my solitude ?
Had i known the ennui is so hard to elude?
What is in thee that captivates my heart ?!
Thinking of our parting would bring
to my eyes ever -flowing tears of a parting !
The silver river fades sails on sails dance on high
in leaf like boat my soul to God's abode would fly.
A blue fairy asked kindly where i was going!
"I'll go far far away , but sun will decline
what is the use of my clever poetic line ! "
i said.
Oh what can i do with a grief?!
How can i move on beyond belief ?
I regret that you are just like the fickle moon
waning so soon.
When will you wax again to turn my night to noon?

In a spring day

In the pathway, bright flowers bathed in thin mist and dim moonlight
Tis best time to steal out to see my love to night! Waiting for
him alone , among the flowers from
the pot of wine i drink alone beneath the bright moonshine.
I raise my cup to invite the moon who blends her light with
my shadow gloom.
I gaze upon the moon ,too sad to fall asleep
then ... from the wood i see him coming!
We stand face to face at an evening hour" I fear it is not thee,
but a sweet dream untrue !" I say.
"I am afraid all the fine scenery will go away with thee .
I 've just seen spring depart and now with you I'll part !" he says.
Suddenly i wake up and see that all was just a dream ,
that a young man dreamed of me on a spring day.

Romantic poem - Maria johnsen

   Somewhere in dream ...

Last night the wind was strong and rain was fine
sound sleep did not dispel the taste of wine.
In my dream i saw you
flying above the clouds.
I wanted to go back to see you and stay
but i was already faraway
Thousands of thoughts and excuses only made me feel more weary and lonely.
Love was not your golden dream but taking the silver coin from the stream.
You can not leave your honey to the butterflies, confide your sweet heart to beehives before it dies!
I woke up with the broken heart,
went out across the stream and embraced the wind while was caressing my hair and assuring me that some day somewhere we'll meet again !

romantic poems by Maria Johnsen

You ..

I was fifteen when I composed my eye brows
those thoughts of being happy were my vows.
I was sixteen when that dream went faraway to the land of grapes and wine where
the yellow butterflies hand over a message that my dream will come to shine!
From year to year thus life will pass away,
but the dream of you wouldn't go away.
until on the pathway the willow trees sway and swing with my hair so free in a away,
as the boundless sky and endless earth were our witnesses on that very day ..
On seventh day of seventh moon when none was near,
at midnight in a long life land some one whispered in my ear,
It was the wind who brought me the news of your existence.
beyond that golden land where i know i have my chance,
the chance of finding my love with his nice appearance .
And i believed the wind would never lie to me not a chance!
In a fine rain a pair of swallows fly and show me thee,
You, who is living deep in my heart and i feel so free.
How many times have i met you in my dream at night!
Now left to gaze at you in silver candlelight !
If our two hearts as firm as the gold should remain
in heaven or on earth we'll sometime meet again.

  My lover

So green,
It seems like these fading dreams!
The silk curtains fall
The breeze begins to blow
ruffling a pool of spring water below.
Crushing apricot petals in hand i play
with a pair of love birds on the fragrant pathway.
Apricot blossoms blown off upon my long curly hair,
Look ! There he stands behind the curtain play !
Is he the noble young man that i long to be his wife?
How handsome he is , my lover!
Oh, how charming he is among the young men.
His lips are like roses
his body are like polished bronzes
his mouth are sweetness itself.
I delight to sit in his shade,
to tell him the story of the last decade:
"I follow thee in dreams unwoken
none knows how happy i am,
but the birds in the sky
Let us get drunk tonight and drown our sorrow
in front of the wine jar do not talk of tomorrow".