SEO Statistics – Google Analytics is Simply Not Enough

Google Analytics is Simply Not Enough! With millions of people trying to make money on the internet around the world, having the right tools to help them in their quest is vital to their success. For those engaging in search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and other valuable marketing techniques, understanding what works and what does not work can not only save an entrepreneur money, it can help them gain a fortune as well.

One of the most relied-upon tools for crafting an effective marketing campaign on the internet is Google Analytics. Google Analytics essentially allows an online business owner to see in statistical form how their website is performing in several different categories. For several years, Google Analytics has been the backbone of marketing information for millions of online business owners, but recent changes that Google itself has instituted have called into question the reliability of this source.


Is Google Analytics still a Reliable Source of Statistics given the recent Changes to Google? 

First and foremost, there is no doubt that Google itself has created a great line of products that have been used by many online business owners over the years. Google itself has been at the forefront of business and marketing information for entrepreneurs who are trying to launch their efforts without having to spend or invest a great deal of money.

However, there have been issues with the Google Analytics software that has plagued this system for years. Although Google Analytics is a free software system, it has been compromised by the bugs and glitches that have made it a less than reliable tool for online business. This is not to say that Google Analytics should be complete ignored, but there are better software programs out there that do a better job and reveal more pertinent information for your marketing efforts.

What You Need to Know in Running Your Online Business

You need to find your own sources of statistics that reveals accurate data about the sources of traffic to your website and other important factors as well. Such information needs to be accurate so you can make the best informed decisions about what steps need to be taken for you to succeed. This means that you need to have accurate information about the follow of incoming data to your website

Having accurate information  can help you to make a better plan for your marketing efforts. You can then better track what is working and how it is working for your website and as a result boost in sales. This is not to say that Google Analytics is worthless, but rather that the data it presents needs to be verified by other sources so you can make the best informed decision.

Should you rely on SEO tools to track your data?

For competitor analysis and back links, SEO tools are not 100% accurate. 99,9% of them fail to keep up with Google algorithm updates. Many smart website owners block seo tools under their .htaccess file in order to hide their data from their competitors. You will have an idea of how your competitors do in regards to seo  activities online. But you will not get 100% accurate data about their activities unless you create your own in-house SEO  tool in such case nobody knows about it, and you can track data. When they don’t know about your tool, they cannot block its crawler.  SEO tools from the most expensive one to the cheapest ones don’t work. I developed my own tool since invention of negative SEO.

So what analytics can best serve you to accurately measure the statistics?

You will most likely need to purchase some good web analytics software to back up what you already have. Brands such as Coremetrics, Omniture and WebTrends are good places to start in finding the web analytics you need to insure that the information you get is accurate and reliable.

Google Analytics may be a good start, but for the health of your business finding other free and paid web analytics software is vital for your continued success.

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