Proven Ways To Increase Sales Of Software and IT Services

Almost 99,9% of users search online to find a reliable software company, software products and IT services. This is why search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click are effective online marketing processes in selling your software. But what are the proven ways to increase sales of software and IT services? Here are some suggestions.

Measure product and market fit based on retention and product validation. When your product is validated then scale acquisition. When you do it, then distribute your product on distribution channels say for example: “For every friend who installs “your product” at your invitation. You give them extra storage.” When you clearly define funnels, then you will be able to define actionable and specific goals, gather feedback, build and prioritize hypothesis, define and set in place analytics to track goal, execute experiment while choosing simplest solution and at the end optimize experiment A/B testing.

Let’s give you some overview of what your digital marketing plan should be and how to increase sales of your software and IT products.

Hire a Dedicated Sales Team

Gather the right B2B sales consultants who have minimum two years experience in selling software or IT services with documented results.  Selling is a difficult and demanding profession.

In my book “the surprising truth about sales” I explained some proven sales strategies in online and offline sales.  By hiring the right sales team, you have overcome half of the sales challenge.  Make sure to apply statistics to see clearly the number of sales. Set a monthly budget for each sales representative.

Search Engine Optimization

Apply on page and offpage search engine optimization for your website in order to increase your website’s online visibility in search engines. Many programmers’ websites have poor design and user interface. First ask yourself why do you have a website online? You need traffic right? You either look for jobs related to programming or selling your tool, so do something about your design, so that targeted users stay on your page and buy from you. Get rid of dead links and old software ads which are outdated today. It frustrates users and they click away from your website.

Whatever your intention is, make sure you have an attractive mobile and seo friendly design. People who visit your website are not in your head, so you have to showcase your work in a nice layout and well designed website. If design is a boring job, then hire a web designer to do it for you.

There are a lot of companies in your niche compete with you for the same product and service, so make sure to tap into the best SEO strategies to land sales and a better online visibility.

There is no way to rank a website without SEO. So make sure to hire a SEO expert to work on your online visibility. Don’t listen to bunch of nonsense about SEO being dead. It’s not true.

Google is not making money if you pay to SEO companies to rank your website in organic search results. Google’s main revenue is focused on their Adwords PPC.

Google sometimes apply reverse engineering strategy to spread their message online. They apply both direct advertising and indirect advertising. Do not fall for such nonsense  like SEO link building is dead. We all know that ranking a website for its middle and highly competitive keyword and key phrase requires applying SEO link building strategy along with other seo processes. Those who claim that link building is not working ,have no idea about search engines’ functionality and marketing. Link building in search engine optimization is a necessary process  of ranking a website. Search engines are dependant upon outbound links and inbound link profile of  a website otherwise they cannot rank a website for its keyword or key phrase in their search cluster and database.

Social Media Marketing

You definitely should add social media management and social media marketing in your digital marketing campaign.  Many businesses use automated social media tools to automate their processes, however you do need to have social media campaign managers to do the social media marketing manually. People ask questions and an automated social media software cannot answer to people’s inquires via social media. Business owners should apply  both human and machine  interactions via social media marketing.  So make sure to hire social media account managers on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, G+ and so on.

Since social media channels are source of sales for me and my clients, every year i decide to make one of them a trend online. This year twitter became the winner.  I explain later in this article why i did it. Some of you have been with me since i started this journey a few years ago and some others  have started to following me and my posts lately.  I use my in-house strategies to make a marketing campaign go viral. Just like what i did for Jason to get a job in Toronto ( see my case studies below). My campaigns for him went viral on twitter and facebook and after two months campaign, he got a job at a great digital marketing company in Canada. Anyway!  Back to social media sites.

Google Plus: This social media platform is an Ok site to interact and advertise. There are two types of people who hang out in Google plus. Your competitors along with  pet, photography and nature lovers. If you are into selling software and IT products or services, Google plus is not a right platform for you. You can implement this social site in your marketing plan but don’t count on it too much. You won’t make a lot of money off of advertising on G+.

 Twitter : I love this platform for many reasons.This micro blogging social website is suitable for busy companies. Businesses are in hurry, they want to know about something fast, so they prefer using Twitter. It is easy to find trendy products and tools via Twitter’s search function. If you can’t get hold of a business via their support system, you find them on Twitter and send them a message about an issue you are having.

You should hire people to manage your campaign on twitter. It helps with gathering more leads and sales. Make sure to use Twitter’s paid campaign.  Why Twitter is an effective social media platform? Because people are in hurry and want to read news, business offers on the go via their mobiles and Iphones.

Lately a couple of PhD students asked my help for their PhD thesis in regards to the effectiveness of social media in marketing and sales.  What I told them, I write here as well. It is true that mobile advertising has become a trend. One sees 25% increase in mobile advertising, however small business owners do not have a financial ability to apply Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo mobile Pay Per Click campaigns. They get more impressions, and improvement in their click through rates, however they lose more money and seeing less sales!  Social media platforms are optimized for mobile users. It is free and anybody can see data via their ipad, Iphones and mobile without paying anything. So yes my friend, twitter is a free platform that you should take seriously. Because it works like mobile advertising.

Facebook : This is also a good social media platform for generating leads. Make sure to become a member in targeted groups. It does work if you apply the right ads. I recommend creating good and compelling graphics. You do need  Facebook ad managers in order to interact with people in their local Facebook sites. I strongly suggest not to use automated tools for your Facebook campaigns. Because your link get banned and your marketing effort gets nowhere.  Use Facebook groups and communities for your campaign and use humans to ping your data on this platform. Using automated tools may also put your ad in trouble and create virus and Trojan horses.

Instagram: This social media platform is an awesome opportunity for you to sell your products or services. Via photography and well designed graphics you can land sales and increase your brand awareness. I got sales for my clients and myself. So it does work. If you do not know how, have a look at my instragram ( multilingualseo), you get an idea. On instagram you will also get to know like minded and friendly people. People on instagram are more friendly than on G+.

Youtube and the other media channels: Create videos and publish them on video channels. For example YouTube can be an ok platform to spread the word about your software or IT services. Businesses in online gaming invest a lot of money on Youtube and torrents.  If you have enough funds, use Youtube advertising and torrent platforms. Real traffic are there and most of tech savvy people usually hang out on those sites. In order to deal with those torrents owners, you need to search in deep web.

Facebook also has a video ad function which can be advertised on their channels. However if you do not have enough funds, I recommend using all video channels to spread the word. Let me know if you need my help.

Par Per click: If you have enough budget apply Google, Bing, Yahoo’s pay per click in order to land sales and increase your conversion rates. For this you need search marketing experts to manage your paid advertisement campaigns. I also recommend using software advertising platforms, monetization platforms, and promotion platforms such as those offered by Perion Codefuel, allow you to manage your marketing efforts from a single place. This reduces your marketing expenditure, allows you to calculate your marketing ROI, and gives you the knowledge you need to optimize effectively.

Monitor your competition closely

Invest  in competitive intelligence tools because you will be able to track your competition day in and day out.Use automated data collection tools to track their movement online, so you can adapt your marketing and monetizing strategy when they evolve theirs.

Conclusion: Whether you’re just starting out in the software and IT services  advertising or whether you have years of experience, these tried and true tips will help keep you on top of your game so the competition doesn’t get ahead.


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