What to Do if Your Pay Per Click Isn’t Getting Results

If you want to run Google Adwords or Bing PPC, you won’t generate sales right away no matter how wonderfully your campaigns are set up. You have to run tests until to find winning campaigns and ads for your business and only then sales starts coming in. I took over an account which was running for a few months by a PPC account manager, it leaked money. All ads were performing bad. There were a lot of broad keywords with highest bid. When I took over the account, a couple of weeks later both sales and profits came me. So they gave me their Bing PPC too and I did the same thing with their Bing.  I also installed conversion goal tracking to track sales.

The reason that you won’t see sales right after creating account is due to Google Adwords A.I algorithm. It is almost the same thing in Bing and Yahoo PPC algorithms. These algorithms are designed to monitor the pattern of your ad, your landing page and user’s reaction. If they click away after a couple of seconds, the algorithm gets triggered for traffic and not sales. If your users stay on the page and buy something, the algorithm will generate sales. None of these search engine providers want you to know what is going on behind the scenes. 99.9% of landing pages are not PPC friendly. So web designers must create Pay Per Click friendly landing pages. So that providers don’t lose money.

If your ads are fine, but your landing page sucks, you lose money and won’t see sales. If you don’t give access to your PPC account manager in order to optimize your landing page for better conversion, your adwords won’t be effective. Many major player companies don’t give their landing pages’ login details to advertising agencies who run their ppc campaigns and then they expect to see more clicks and sales. And guess what? Those who are responsible in these companies’ marketing departments and call themselves marketers, have a poor knowledge about PPC, SEO and how actually digital marketing processes work today. How these people got those jobs, is a mystery.

When you deploy Pay Per Click Ads properly, it is a powerful tool to communicate your advertising messages to your potential clients. Online advertising is a potent way to reposition the business for greater strides in the areas of creating heightened awareness and bolstering traffic. It is expected that you will periodically explore keywords to achieve desired results. When it comes to the success of online advertising, PPC is an important aspect that cannot be trivialized. However, it is equally imperative that you are implementing the processes correctly while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

There are instances when people put a lot of resources into their Google Adwords Account without reaping the benefits. Being great at PPC is a continuous process and effort is continually made towards support and assessment in order to generate maximum revenue from your PPC spending.  If you are currently struggling with your PPC efforts, you have to invigorate your account while bolstering your entire PPC operations. In like manner, there are popular errors that could be responsible for the limitations and failure of your PPC efforts. Contained below are clear instructions that will help you sidestep such errors.

The foremost line of action for a prosperous PPC is to properly create your merchant center account. When you have a properly created MCA, it offers an incredible opportunity to unify all of your operations on Google, Bing and Facebook. While the downside is that the account has a rigid arrangement, it is recommended that you adjust your website to imitate the account.

With this in place, you will be empowered to observe various aspects of your site and conveniently oversee various groups. More so, it is imperative that you go through Google’s instructions in order to ensure that you do not violate their rules.

While this comes off as very easy, it is one of the most pervasive error in most PPC accounts. In very plain terms, an account without KPI means that you are incapable of estimating the performance of the account. It is imperative that you are aware of areas of your account that are lacking and areas that are soaring in other to make relevant modifications. Although CPA is applied globally when it comes to PPC, there is a need to be able to ensure revenue on money spent on PPA processes.

The role of effective bid management

Google Ads is an ongoing public sale, bids made yesterday could differ significantly presently.  It is expected that you evaluate the cost-per-click (CPC) offers your PPC account in, check the proceeds on each conversion and eventually examine the revenue from “On ad” expenses that should be gotten with the deployment of each process. More so, you must assess your site constantly in the bid to eliminate CPC offers that excessively huge or small and carry out relevant adjustments.

One crucial guideline for regulating bid is to run an A/B testing in order to find out which ad converts. The effect will be having lesser time for manual bid changes. Pay Per Click ad is vital to the progress of retail search however it must undergo continuous evaluation and adjustment. For geo-targeting make sure you’re not bidding on a small town in your area or you’re leaking money in your adwords account.

One of the most effective ways to bolster the efficacy of your Pay Per Click ad is by giving incentives and buttressing your uniqueness. More importantly, the ad has to be coherent and engaging. Change various nonspecific details while incorporating exact location in ads. After this, create four types of the same ad and assess them regularly to see how well they do.

It is pervasive to find that retailers don’t have an ad programmer in place. The reason for this is that the perception that it will generate more funds as the account will operate round the clock. Although this perception and approach have some credibility, you are expected to lower PPC expenses in cases where there is sufficient evidence indicating that there will be a limited conversion on the account.  In cases such as the aforementioned, resources need to be applied at times of the day where conversion is high.

The time of the day where there are heightened conversion rates varies from one business to the other. Therefore, the goal is to identify the period where there is usually heightened conversion and concentrate your efforts and resources. This is what an ad programmer will help you achieve.

The relevance of location precise ads

While most people are unaware of this fact, location precise ads are very powerful and yield incredible results. Interestingly, there are features on Google and social platforms that enable location precise ads. This is achieved by offering how far you are from certain hallmarks.

While the information is not precise, it is easy to customize it to your potential client. Countrywide sellers are less likely to offer local ads as generic ads will be more advantageous.

It is almost impossible that your Adword accounts are operational throughout the year. With that being said, there is an incumbent need for monitoring and forecasting the periods when your products or services will be in high demand. Information like this is relevant and will reposition you for timely deployment of you ad efforts and stratagems. Nonetheless, you must recognize that selling diverse goods will equally mean a diversity in periods of high demand.


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