Social Media Marketing – How To Unlock Sales In Social Media

Implementing social media marketing in your business development is imperative.More than 80% of sales and leads are generated via social media sites.Some businesses may think having social media accounts won’t make a difference, cause they are not generating sales anyway. Big mistake! I recommend all businesses to have a solid social presence.

I have seen many businesses use the wrong sales strategy on social media sites.

Most of the messages are irrelevant and spammy. Sometimes some punk add fake followers to your twitter account to make it look illegitimate or to get your account banned. Those people  who judge twitter users by their followers have no idea about blackhat social media tricks which competitors do. Unfortunately Twitter has no function in place. If you want to stop fake followers, then you have to change your privacy setting on Twitter. Many people do not want to hide their tweets such as myself. So this is not an effective option.  You can’t keep blocking loads of fake followers which are coming from an App or Twitter follower tool. You have to leave  it until it stops. I usually delete fake followers once a month as i don’t have time to do it on daily basis. When it gets worse i ask twitter support to help me.

Let’s have a closer look at  pitches on twitter.

There are two types of sales messages on Twitter:

  • A) Automated tweets: these are messages which start with “@username” and targets blindly all members of twitter accounts. These are against Twitter’s TOS and get the account banned. They not only hurt a company and brand but also will be marked as spam. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes, would you buy from an annoying person? No.
  • B) Manual generated messages: These are tweets which are sent to the wrong audience. For example: many SEO companies send their Google ranking sales pitch to other SEO companies. It is like asking a chair carpenter to buy the same service. This is not only annoying the targeted prospects, but also may hurt your brand especially when you pitch another seo company. It is dangerous for your business and backfires!

When a SEO company sends his/her sales pitch to another seo company, he or she is indirectly offending the prospected SEO business.When they do that they may give a negative signal to the prospected SEO agency that they are a lousy company and can’t do their SEO job right so they must hire them for their seo projects.


This is why sometimes you see some seo companies spread all over twitter that they were spammed by another seo company!

It is significant to target prospects who can be your potential buyers. Therefore you must avoid doing such mistakes when it comes to sending your individual sales pitch to providers in the same niche.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t send your messages to your competitors about your SEO service, sometimes they may find some of your services useful and start an outsourcing partnership with your small business. Most of my clients are media and seo companies. It is exciting for me to do business with my competitors. Why? Because they understand the quality of a SEO project.They know what I go through to get them top ranking for their keywords, increase their social media signals and boost sales.Ranking a keyword in search engines requires a series of operations which are hard and time consuming. So this is the most challenging part of a SEO business with all these Google algorithm updates.

Another issue of  wrong pitching to businesses in the same niche  is that many small business owners are not polite. They  indirectly are telling  their  competitors like: “Look! I don’t like you. But i want you to buy from me. Because i am the best!”  You can smell jealousy and hatred through some of those rude sales messages.

Remember!Good service and product are attractive for everyone even your competitors. Quality customer service will land you sales.

When you run your news and campaigns on Twitter, make sure to offer great communication and interact with people!

Many people just follow businesses without any interactions.I can understand some of them  are monitoring other twitter accounts or their competitors’ accounts to get some insights,  sales or business ideas, but they should communicate with them. It is like being a member on a dating site.There are a lot of qualified and pretty people on there, but those whom you contact and communicate with, start liking you and having a realtionship with you. Some even get married  because of a good Internet love relationship on a dating site. So take this opportunity seriously. It is like finding your soulmate in business.

In book publicity business, many authors don’t dare to talk about their books because they don’t want people think they are  self promoting. Once i saw an author’s tweet on twitter. She did not want to self-promote because it felt wrong for her.  In the following screenshot I removed her Twitter’s username and picture for privacy reasons.

There is nothing wrong with self promotion.

Generating sales by following your targeted prospects on social media

When you follow a prospect even a competitor, interact with them and comment on their tweets.

Why should you comment? The number one rule in business is to gain trust! You show them who you are and what you offer by writing with them. This way you open a business relationship.

Show your prospect that you are a trustworthy, friendly and knowledgeable business owner.

Become a fan of your prospect by interacting with them, this way you make them to become your fan too.This makes you one step closer to sales.

When it comes to profile, put your real picture on your profile. Customize an eye catching twitter header design that shows the goal and vision of your business. Do not copy from other people or businesses.Design something unique for your business Put your heart in your business. It will have a great  impact.Because it comes from your heart.


The same rule applies for instagram as well. I really enjoy my time on instagram for myself and my clients’ accounts,I get great comments and responses when i run my multilingual campaigns for my own and my clients in various niches.So when you comment, comment on your prospect’s photos something meaningful.Comments such as: “Nice”, “Nice Photo” etc. are spammy which never turns anybody on! Since there are a lot of instagram tools online, everybody knows that you have used some tools and blindly comment on people’s photos  with short and spammy messages!


This social media site has become a trashcan of porn, buy facebook likes ads and other crappy comments and spam.There are a lot of outdated articles about how to generate sales on Facebook. If you want to generate customers, create eye catching graphics and post them on your own business page.Use the right hashtags.They will  show up on your fan’s feeds and facebook’s feeds, as a result targeted prospects will find your business.So avoid buying likes and spamming people on facebook. It won’t work. If you run an ecommerce, use Facebook  Pay Per click. It works if you do it right.

Google Plus:

I can’t stress enough on how careful you should be on Google plus when you promote your business and products. Aside from photography, cat lovers and lately pornographic communities on Google Plus, your competitors may play with your reputation and business and make your life like a living  hell if you are not careful in communication on Google plus! It is an inevitable fact that many defamers and bullies are on Google Plus which have made huge problems for some businesses. If this has not happened to your business yet, then those morons have not crossed your G+ path yet!

Although interaction is important on social media, but be very careful with interacting on this social site. Do not reply to any messages. Check their profile first and then reply. If the profile has no picture and spammy username, then this means that this person is either your competitor using an anonymous pictureless G+page or your company’s future stalker and defamer.Be very careful to interact on Google plus.

Using video channels such as:  Youtube, Vimo

These video channels are  good platforms for businesses in certain niches. For example many astrologers use it to promote and make money. Most of astrologers and tarot readers are using Facebook and YouTube for generating sales. If they use search engine optimization for their websites, they can double their income.

Video channels are good for some businesses and not effective  for other companies. For example if you are running an online gaming and computer games, you can talk about game strategies on Youtube and generate income. Right now gaming is a hot trend  for those who play Playstation and Nintendo games.So if you do not have a business and are good at playing computer games, monetize your Youtube videos and make money by uploading game startegies on youtube. Uploading videos on video sites  are also good for photography, software and hardware computer experts.Monetize your channels. Don’t use automated tools to drive in Youtube traffic, your accounts get banned. Let the traffic comes naturally.

In my books,” The Surprising Truth About Sales” and ” The Freelancing” I have introduced various realistic  ways of making money online with no investment.

I started my own business back in 2008 with no investment and no support from the government. I was broke, living in the most expensive country in the world and applying for jobs 24/7 didn’t help me to get a job either. I was living in a nightmare situation. I didn’t want to go through social welfare and ask for help like a beggar. It’s not easy with all these education and work experience to beg for a piece of bread from them. Besides the money wasn’t enough to get by in this country either. So one day i said to myself: “Enough is enough! I am gonna get it right! I create my own work environment!” In less than three months i got my first client via my campaigns on social media. I didn’t have to borrow money from friends anymore. Little by little i was able to generate a decent monthly income. Sometimes hardship in life is a blessing in disguise. If i wasn’t under pressure, i wouldn’t be at where I am in life right now. If you are having such a hard time in your life, don’t lose hope. It will be alright. I promise you. You just gotta work harder.

I  helped  some  freelancers to make money too. They were also broke and needed my help. Now they are successful.Then God sent me a couple of students and wanted me to help them financially with their college education. I did that too. Now they are engineers and working at a couple  of major player companies in India.They still write to me and share their success stories. One of them is going to marry this August and invited me to his wedding in India.

There you have it, a little bit of my testimonial.

Everything you need to know about online marketing and sales are in my books. Some rules in the business on both local and global level will never change.

If you just started your business or are already running your agency, purchase  the books above i talked about and get your hands on some secret recipes.

In conclusion it is fair to say that social media channels can help your business with branding, reputation management, search engine ranking and generating sales.So use social media marketing strategy wisely in order to have a free money making channels for your business.

If you have any inquires you know where to find me🙂

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