Epic SEO Formula To Rank A Website in Google

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to ranking a website in Google.  However the principle of increasing a website’s visibility in search engines especially Google is the same if you use different tactics. Domains with high DA, TF, CF can also be penalized by Google. Many webmasters may disagree with me, but after years of programming, search engine testings and working on 6000 projects, I can assure you Google penalizes shady patterns. Back in the day everybody was talking about guest blogging, I warned webmasters on social media not to focus on guest blogging solely because if they do, Google will target that too.

I got some critics and oppositions on social media for it and everybody was saying  it’s not true. I didn’t comment anything, I let them find out on their own. Guess what? A few months later Matt Cutts (head of Google’s web search quality regarding spam), announced the decay of guest blogging for SEO.

If all websites target high DA, TF, CF websites or links, Google algorithm will target them too. Because it becomes a pattern and Google algorithm is designed to penalize shady patterns even though they look legitimate. This is why Google uses artificial intelligence to chase search engine manipulation patterns. They don’t have the luxury of sending their spies on black hat forums all the time. They tweak their codes regularly. You see, if all websites only focus on getting back links from these types of domains, Google will penalize them and they lose their authority after a few months.  When they lose their authorities, as a result they will also lose ranking.

Google algorithm is designed to spot patterns of ranking manipulation. For example in the past it was easy to manipulate page rank and many people who buy and sell domains used to manipulate Alexa ranking and pagerank. Google put stop on it and removed pagerank.

When my clients want to buy a website which cost between $5000 – $100.000, they come to me and ask for advice. I check the sites and let them know their true pricing.

After the death of pagerank, webmasters use link injection more than ever. Google search engine is so tricky that they cannot hold their websites’ positioning without link manipulation tactic.

Google chases patterns of ranking. If a strategy or tactic becomes a pattern, Google penalize it.  Did you know that Google algorithm is not identical all over the world. Google.com in computed to spot link manipulation while Google in Europe is designed differently. The pattern of ranking priorities is different in each country. Therefore in non-North American countries webmasters can easily get away with manipulating Google in their countries than the global Google search engine.


Does this mean North Americans don’t manipulate Google? They get penalized if they get caught, they just don’t know it yet.

98.9% of Norwegian, Danish, Swedish SEO businesses use black hat and manipulate website positioning in Google search engine in Nordic countries. When I see a website, I know what kind of blackhat seo they did to rank the page.

I have developed my own tools which are designed to chase Google algorithm patterns on both national and global level.  This is why I came to conclusion that Google’s pattern of ranking is different from country to country.  For example when Google modifies certain algorithm in Google.com, it doesn’t mean, Google.no, Google.se, Google.fr  or Google.de would have the same pattern.

What are the best actionable SEO plans? 

Forget about Google ranking if you ask me. Google is not the Internet and the sky is your limit. All these algorithm tweaking is for getting more Google Adwords customers.  As I stated in my previous article about RankBrain Algorithm, Google has not come up with unsupervised algorithm therefore they cannot predict user behavior.  The artificial intelligence is able to predict user’s search pattern based on what humans  added to the algorithm and gives search suggestions, but this can be manipulated too.

You must focus on two important aspects:

  • Focus on keywords which generate sales for your business:  Don’t optimize your website for useless keywords. If everybody is ranking for them that doesn’t mean they are profitable. A few years ago I artificially created keywords such as: “multilingual SEO “, “multilingual SEO expert” and run campaigns, then a few years later everybody called themselves “multilingual SEO expert”, rehashed my articles and posted them on search engine land and marketing land website to occupy their site’s positioning in Google.com.  so I moved on to other series of keywords: “multilingual digital marketing “, “multilingual digital marketing expert “, I artificially gave these keywords search volume and boost, then a few months later, competitor websites ranked their pages for those keywords too. Again they posted some rehashed articles on Moz and Search Engine Land and called themselves “experts”.  [I have a great respect for founders of MOZ and Search Engine Land.] Anyway! My point is this: do not chase whatever keywords in Google,  find profitable long tail keywords or phrases which generate sales for your business. I recommend creating Facebook Ad then use their editor to find profitable key phrases in your niche, then target those keywords. You CAN use Google Adwords keyword planner, but 90% of them are fake.

If they have high search volume, it doesn’t make them profitable. The majority of these  keywords with unusual search volume in Google are artificially made by search engine optimizers like me. So what should you do?

Login to your Google search console, click at “search analytics” fetch highly converted keywords which got clicks, then optimize them for your money website.

Sometimes reverse engineering is good. Why you may ask? Because not all good sites are on page 1, sometimes the best and most informative websites can be found on page 8 or page 20.


Optimize your website for keywords which you believe prospects will write in Google to find your website and turn them to customers.  Remember! Your landing page’s content, aesthetic and how you present your product or service are important. You can rank a site on Google top position, but if your design, user interface, color elements, content and other objects on your website are not user friendly, you won’t generate sales.

  • User intent: If your product matches with users’ intent it will convert into sales.  Write for users, create products which solve a problem. The web is filled with rehashed articles about marketing, marketing tools and SEO. They all talk about the same thing: ranking. Their entire landing page is well optimized to capture leads but when you become a member and read their materials, they are rehashed and won’t solve a problem. Your product must solve a problem if it does have this quality, you won’t need to spend much money on advertisement. Your product or service sales for itself with a little bit of sales tactic.

If you are a software developer, before starting your conception phase, explore what exactly marketers need in the market. Talk to them, create polls and follow them on social media, see what is that they are missing in their online marketing campaigns.

Our problem is that we don’t listen to users’ needs; we tell them what they should be using or buying. If we listen to users, we understand what we should be developing. If we develop a tool that users really need, then we save a lot of money on advertising and land sales quickly. Good product sales for itself with a little bit of promotion.

The majority of businesses do it wrong and go bankrupt after a few years.

If your money website is developed based on user intent, then google will rank it too.

Let’s look at keyword “SEO “as an example. Many seo companies focus on this keyword, but real buyers who look for optimizing their websites, write long tail key phrases to land on a SEO business website. Almost all SEO businesses say the same thing to capture buyers. So what buyers do? They write long tail phrases to land on the SEO business that they wish to work on their project or they use outsourcing and micro outsourcing websites.  Some others ask their peers if they know any good SEO experts and they usually refer those they know to them.

Spending thousands of dollars on ranking your SEO website for keyword “SEO” is waste of time and money. You should be focusing on keywords which prospects write to land on your website.

Now let’s have another example. Let’s presume you have an ecommerce website and sell “dresses for pregnant women “, optimize your page for user intent (this is what Google RankBrain algorithm is computed for). What pregnant women are interested in when deciding to purchase a pregnancy dress? “Comfort, style, colors” then optimize your website for it and I promise you land sales.

I have been working on multilingual websites and helping businesses to become market leaders in their niches.  For years I have been moving websites from market to market and making them successful. If you focus on using the right strategy for your business, you will succeed.


Hire the right expert for the job.Those who write on Forbes that anybody can do SEO on their own are wrong. The majority of my clients are the ones who took over their own SEO, got their sites penalized and came to me for Google penalty recovery and SEO.

Some others on Forbes or other expensive blogs write “it’s not enough to follow Googles guidelines”. That’s wrong. Every provider wants you to follow their TOS. You must follow Google’s rules, no questions asked.

I read some articles talking about lies SEO experts tell you. These types of articles are designed to land traffic. They generate catchy headlines to get you read their nonsense.  These articles have no scientific proof and those who wrote them don’t know SEO and how a search engine works .

99.9% of these articles are bunch of bunk and have no scientific credibility. These websites’ editors allow their posts to be published under less trafficked categories. The content of these articles are speculation. They usually sell anchor text between $1500 – $2500 on Forbes or Huffington post. They send their spam emails to me and you to buy links on these websites for better ranking.

Why would we pay $1500 to have a link placement on Forbes or Huffington post when we can use that money and run ads on Facebook or Google Adwords and get real customers?  The majority of these articles will be taken down after three months and you’re money is gone.

If you are not an SEO expert, you must hire one. Don’t do it on your own. SEO requires having knowledge in search engine programming, web design, web development, sales and understanding business intelligence.

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